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The 5 Steps Needed For Putting Self Discipline Into Action

Self Discipline Is Not Rocket Science! Some of us are really comfortable with disciplining ourselves and focus on the tasks ahead whilst others struggle with this. The truth is that actually, self-discipline is a habit that we acquire throughout our life. It really...

Your Thoughts Can Slow You Down or Set You Free

The day that you become aware that your thoughts matter, everything will shift for you! Your thoughts can indeed slow you down or set you free to confidently do what you desire. The "thoughts" you're having right at this moment are called your "inner chatter". It is...

Internal and External Problems, Coaches Face on a Daily Basis

From 1 to 10 score, how important do you believe it is to build foundations for your business? I'm going for a 9 but it wasn't like that for me in the beginning. Surprisingly, there are many others who still disregard these crucial pillars for their business. I have...

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