7 Talks to Listen to Before You Exit Your 9 to 5

7 Talks to Listen to Before You Exit Your 9 to 5

I remember so vividly one night I am sitting at my computer, after a long working day and suddenly a TEDTalk with Simon Sinek comes up on my screen.

Talking about artificial intelligence! Spooky stuff to be honest. So I listened for around 20 minutes and immediately a light bulb comes up in my brain. I’m so excited that I had to share it with my husband. He probably can’t remember this chat but this talk really marked me to this day.

I was hooked by the title: “People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it”.

This is how Apple actually communicates its mission and vision:

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the Status Quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the Status Quo, is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?

I use this concept with my clients to explain how to design their group program content by focusing on these 3 questions:

  1. Why does your client want to achieve the outcome?
  2. What will help them along the way?
  3. What benefits will they get in each program session/module?

Here are some more talks to listen to before you exit your 9 to 5 so that you can harness some inspiration and give you the boost to fire your annoying boss:

It’s not as scary as it looks – Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone | Yubing Zhang | TEDxStanford

We never go after what we want. We construed a million excuses before we make the decision to quit our mundane corporate life. I know I did. It literally took me about 2 years to make a decision to leave. This is why I want to listen to Mel Robbins and she is going to help you find out WHAT YOU WANT in the simplest way.

How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

Listen to these questions from Oprah Winfrey and watch this 5 minutes video then seat comfortably in nature and journal about the following:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I want?

Oprah Winfrey | 5 Minutes For The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE

This next lady started her speech singing and she definitely capture her audience.

Knowing when to quit | Sarah Weiler | TEDxNewnham

Now, here’s a person that I truly admire and his talk really resonates with my story and the reason why I quit my 9 to 5. I wasn’t truly passionate about what I was doing. I wasn’t following my purpose and my soul was being crushed. Until the day that I wrote my resignation letter and handed it to my manager. I felt like a weight had come off my shoulders and I was free again.

CEO Teaches Student How To Make The Right Decision | Vishen Lakhiani

Find your dream job without ever looking at your resume | Laura Berman Fortgang | TEDxBocaRaton

Quitting your “comfortable” 9 to 5 is not an easy decision to make. But oh man, when you do it’s totally liberating. It can be scary and exciting all at the same time but very emancipating. You are saying YES to yourself. You’re putting your “wants” first not what you’ve been taught to believe.

Ask yourself these 3 empowering questions:

Who do you want to become?

What is most important to you right now?

Where do you see yourself going forwards?

Let me know below in the comments what are your thoughts. Writing it down helps to externalise what you really want from life. That way and when you see it in black and white, you start to visualise the true essence of what you want. In case you want to further explore this “Quit Your 9 To 9” opportunity, I would love to have a call with you and help you take the LEAP.

Taking a LEAP of faith!

Firing my boss was the scariest but most exhilarating moment of my life when I finally took the LEAP of faith.

I’ve navigated through corporate life successfully but I’ve always felt like something was missing. It felt like my passion was misaligned with my purpose!

One day I pluck up the courage to fire my boss and finally explore the opportunities of becoming my own boss. After a delusional team meeting, I walked to my desk, wrote a one-paragraph resignation letter, and gave it proudly to my manager. I felt FEARLESS!

Scary Moment: I left behind all I knew, a comfortable well-paid position, and the security of a stable income to venture into the unknown. This impulsive decision was all I needed to give me the courage to follow my dream vision and the faith that all would work out for the best as long as I truly believed in myself.

Exciting Moment: At that moment I drew a line in the sand and started to plot my business journey. Through setbacks and breakthroughs, I began to align my passion with my mission.

At the beginning of my journey, I was working 24/7, I was frustrated and tired until I found the power of group programs. I realized that I could finally impact more people at once without feeling burnout or resentful of the wasted time and money invested.

I surrounded myself with inspiring peer groups and discovered my Zone of Genius. My unique message started to resonate with other aspiring Entrepreneurs and so my mission of starting a “Mind Revolution” unfolded.

I became aware that the only thing that holds us back from following our dreams, is our current Belief System.

It’s that simple! Your journey doesn’t need to be arduous instead it can be fun.  And This is why I created the K.I.S.S Method to simplify your transition from your 9 to 5.

There are FIVE core steps that you can achieve to Become Your Own Boss Fearlessly:

Step 1 – “Unleash Your Highest Potential”

It all starts in your MIND, this is the first step for you to develop a rock-solid mindset and confidently lead your tribe to a brighter future. Being uncertain of taking the “leap” will influence your ability to move forward. Your mind is a muscle that needs to be trained and guided. In this step, you’re going to reprogram your mindset and boost your confidence so that you can get out of your own way and start taking inspired action.

Step 2 – “Crafting Your Offer So It Converts”

Then you will craft a results-driven content framework that focuses on clear and focused milestones to get your clients from “Where they are right now” to “Where they want to be” enabling them to reach their passionate WHY and powerful vision. You’ll tap into your creativity and knowledge and design an innovative and irresistible group program.

Step 3 – “Super Simple Delivery System”

You’ll learn how to keep your group program delivery super simple so that you start attracting, enrolling, and keeping your paying clients happy.

Step 4 – “Your Client Attraction System”

Imagine enjoying a super successful first launch with a super simple attraction blueprint so that you are not exhausted hunting for clients. This is what will drive leads into your group coaching program. In step 4, you’ll build your authority and credibility so that by the time they get on a call with you, they already see you as the expert you are.

Step 5 – “Closing Sales With Integrity”

Close clients easily with the power of your authentic story! Storytelling is the ultimate hack for your content marketing strategy. Own it and you won’t need to sell to anyone ever again. Using your journey’s story as pieces of your content strategy makes you relatable and an authority in what you offer.

The Action Plan that your BOSS doesn’t need to know about! 

Taking a leap of faith requires courage, however, it also requires you to immerse yourself in learning the necessary steps and taking imperfect action. I go deep into each of these steps in my free Masterclass so go ahead and explore more HERE.

Have Fun Running Your Business!

You started your business to have fun and enjoy every moment, right?

Not to be stuck in your computer 24/7 or being anxious about your next business move.

I can honestly say that I know exactly what you are going through. I also started my own business because I wanted to be my own BOSS and be proud of what I’m doing. I want my family and friends to be proud of what I’ve achieved and be inspired to take the leap too.

But first and foremost I just wanted to have more time and freedom to run my business on my own terms and definitely have loads of FUN doing it.

Ultimately feel like the Badass #Boss that I am.

I remember back a time when I fully enjoyed what I was doing and how easy it just flowed. I was in my most creative mode where my ideas made sense and my vision started to get clear and clear. I also recall times where confusion and frustration were the most predominant feelings and that is not a good state to BE in because if we don’t shift that horrendous state of mind, it just escalates into an uncontrollable snowball of negative emotions.

Always Seek HELP!

When we feel confused and stressed out, there is no way we are going to be able to focus on what we want to achieve. It’s all a mess in our minds. To be honest, this can escalate terribly if we don’t seek the right help. Let’s face it we can’t function alone, we are tribal beings that need encouragement from our peers. I’ve discovered that the hard way and I don’t want you to do the same.

At times I just need to confide in a trusty friend or biz bestie, to LET OUT all the emotions that I am feeling so that I can release the tension and frustration. A listening ear is a great help in desperate moments or even just someone with a different perspective.

It’s Time to Unleash Your Inner Badass Boss

I am on a mission to help you seek clarity in what you truly WANT.

What is the Vision for your FUTURE self? We focus on what others want so easily and we neglect our “selfish” wants. I want to empower you to seek clarity in what you really want and NOT what you expect others to want from you. Are you constantly waiting for someone else to tell you how amazing and talented you are? What if that person never comes along in your life? Then What?

Are you ready to ditch the doubts and get moving on your business vision?

You don’t want to find yourself alone aimlessly navigating life without a purpose.

You see, we all have stresses and frustrations in our life. The thing is, if we allow that to spiral and control us, we will never achieve what we really WANT in life. The moment you are so caught up in what you desperately NEED, you don’t allow yourself to dig deep into your true “purpose” and what you want to achieve in your life.

9 out of 10 times when I talk to my prospects, they come on a call with me and ask me “How do I get this?”, “How do I do this?” “What do I need to do to be confident online?”, “Where do I start?” and there is more but let me STOP you right there!

All those questions in your head are overwhelming you and they are making you play small… play safe. I bet that every single day you wake up and you ask yourself those questions… over and over again desperately looking for a solution. Anxiety and frustration are leaving you exhausted and with no energy to do anything in your business.

Wouldn’t you rather have ease, have more fun and self-belief so that you can actually be in a space where you are attracting all you desire?

Everything that you are imagining and thinking right now is affecting your ability to move forward. Your mind is a muscle that needs to be trained and guided. You just need to dig deep into your PAST disempowering inner chatter, release and let go of what is not serving you NOW, and recreate a new empowering story for your FUTURE self.

I’ve created a fun virtual retreat for you where we are going to help you “Unleash Your Inner Badass Boss and Ditch Your Doubts”.

3 Days to Ditch the Doubt and Unleash Your Inner Badass Boss

  • Eliminate your fears and create your new empowering story

  • Discover the daily habits to help you turn your desires into reality

  • Turn your BIG (scary) idea into an actionable and an exciting project

You’ll find more details of what is happening in our 3 days together here and a way to join us live on the 11th February 2022 at 5 pm GMT and 12 pm EST. We are celebrating on the 13th February 2022 with a massive PARTY. Bring your dancing shoes and your NEW journal so that you can document all the shifts you will make.

Register here for the Ditch Your Doubts 3 Day Virtual Retreat

4 Secrets To Turning Your Passion Into Purpose

4 Secrets To Turning Your Passion Into Purpose

We often misunderstand our passion with our purpose.

Passion is within you. It’s what makes you feel bliss, ecstasy, and silly sometimes.

You’ve always been a passionate human being. Think back to when you were engrossed doing something that you loved so much that time would just standstill. How did you feel?

On the other hand, our purpose is something that we long for throughout our life journey, like a “calling”. It’s the reason why we do what we do.

Your passion is your Vision and your purpose is your Mission!

“I’m a Vision Builder and passionate about guiding you towards your “calling” so that you enjoy life to the fullest and feel bliss every single day”  ~ Sofia Reis

Your passion is your exciting and wild vision and your purpose is the reason why it needs to come out and become alive. Your purpose is to focus attention on what you really want in life so that you attain a meaningful and blissful life. When you’re blissful you are happy and in peace and nothing around you will affect that joyful feeling.

However, sometimes our passion delays our purposeful path. 

Allow me to explain. Have you ever wanted to create something so badly but let doubt get in your way?

Do you start questioning if you can actually achieve it? The impostor syndrome resurfaces and starts playing havoc with your purposeful “why”. 

You start comparing your work with others and thinking that “actually it’s not worth the effort” so you disregard it and get distracted with things that are familiar to you.

If so, welcome to the club!! You are not alone! 

If it wasn’t for the incredible peer support group that I have surrounding me, I would still be in the ZERO stage and not the HERO stage.

My purpose for so many years was to create a community of Radical Revolutionaries who want to grow together and thrive as a collective unit. 

But…I was holding myself back! I was full of passion but it wasn’t harnessed and I kept self-sabotaging!!  

Recently my coach called me out on my own BS and said some very truthful words that made me think seriously about what my self saboteurs are costing me.

I quote this amazing woman and incredible coach: ” You’re stupid because you have all of this knowledge inside of you and are not doing anything about it… you might as well pack up and go home. Seriously you’re holding yourself small and it’s a waste of time… if you don’t get out of your own way and serve the world like you’re here to do then I can’t help you and there’s no one that can help you.”

This pep talk was full of love and compassion though and I knew she just wanted to shock me out of my doubt!  But I’ll tell you something, this is exactly the type of authenticity I want to connect with my tribe at the Radical Maximiser Hub. 

As I’m embarking on a journey to realise my vision for 2022 I’m visualizing a community of Radical Revolutionaries who want to grow together and thrive as a collective unit. 

I’m sitting here thinking what would be the reason why entrepreneurs would benefit from a space like the one I want to create… And then I realized…It boils down to the single FACT that their passion is not allowing them to see their future self living to their full potential.

Are you ready to harness your passion and channel it into your purpose so that you can take focused action and build your dream without constant nagging doubt and self sabotage?  

Turning your passion into purpose is the ultimate bliss hack for humanity and these 4 Secrets will show you how:

The Four Secrets to Turn Your Passion into Purpose:

💗 Connectedness: Connecting your Passion with your Purpose so that you live up to your full potential. Without this, we’ll feel like something is always missing in our life. We feel a sense of “not belonging”, of emptiness and anxiety running through our body, mind, and soul. Connecting to what we love to be, do and have and finding the reason why it is important to us, gives us a feeling of accomplishment and achievement and attraction to others around us. Ask yourself this question every time you want to do something: Why is this important to me?

🤫 Powerful Influence: Imagine guiding others towards what “they love to do aka passion”. Wouldn’t that be just incredible? Leading a community that follows your guidance and is super focused on reaching their end results.  After all, isn’t that why you became a business owner/ coach?

👩‍🎓 Excellence: In order to excel in what you’re passionate about requires learning the skills you need to grow and progress. So, what better way if you are still in your 9 to 5 to learn while you earn? 

🥂 Championing: Celebrating one another and impactfully contributing to a better world around us, gives a sense of accomplishment that I can’t express in words. 

Let me be totally honest with you here. Is my vision perfect? NO, Does it matter? NO, Does my tribe need this? YES. And this is why I need to get out of my own way (just like my coach said) and find a way of giving it to them. 

Ultimately, I want you to see your vision so clear in your mind that there’s no doubt you are going to reach it and nothing is going to stop you. I want you to stand strong for what you believe and take radical action every day, even if it’s not perfect. 

Unfortunately for many creative entrepreneurs, this can be a long process, as our heads are filled with ideas and impatience. We want things to happen NOW! 

However, if we allow ourselves to dream about them in the now without worrying about how it’s coming true and just believing that it will… eventually we are living the life we’ve always dreamed about. Trust in yourself that it will become alive no matter what.

I leave you with my vision movie today to inspire you all to stop doubting yourselves and take inspired action every single day. 

The only person stopping you NOW is the one you look at in the mirror every single day… YOU.



The True Meaning of Family

One of my greatest personal values is family. 

The big F word… my world and my reason to live.

Ask anyone that knows me. I’m a lioness with cubs when I see and feel my loved ones are threatened or taken advantage of. I mean please do not mess with me!

A family does not only mean those there are bound to us by blood or DNA but also all who are strongly connected with us throughout our life.

My friends are family… my clients are family… my community is family and my pets are family.

The time for family to come together is soon approaching with the Christmas festivities. However, I also know that around the world many feel alone and lost on these special celebration days. Maybe they lack a strong bond with their family, not by choice but by fate. Especially the “children of this world”.

We must remember that we’ve all been children at some point so when I talk about children I’m referring to all of us. The inner child that we nurture inside of us and that somehow feels suppressed and alone at times.

Family can give us love but they can also give us pain and frustration.

I’m sure by now you have conjured a bunch of images and emotions in your head and heart about your family circle. I know I have… memories of laughter, happiness, joy, and safety and other moments of pain hurt grief, and frustration.

I know now that all these moments are necessary to make us grow, to allow us to evolve, and to forgive. I also know that those moments don’t define us and that only we are capable to change the course of the DNA nature by acknowledging those moments and embrace the change.

Even miles apart from your family, the bond is sacred and even though you don’t talk to your relatives on a daily basis, I know that they are always there to hold my hand and to comfort my heart and soul in times of need.

I found this poem by Deborah Bonner that expresses exactly the true meaning of family. I wanted to share it with you my friend and ask you a big favour today.

The True Meaning of Family

Family Love ~ Poem by Deborah Bonner

F is for the familiarity that we share, being aware of each other’s needs, understandingly having an insight of the situation, and not just talking about it, but showing that we care!

A is for absolutely with no reservations, no limitations, no one has to have any special qualifications, it is just because you’re you, your individuality that makes family so unique and true!

M is for family oh how mystically divine our love from the Father grows day by day. It is our heritage to be in constant communion with you oh Lord. Family love never breaks or bends to fake or condescending idle chatter, which sows discords of hatred among us. We are ever learning, building, and pursuing the one and TRUE God whose cross we share!

I is for all families intellectually gifted & girded up with strength, honor, persistence, endurance to withstand life’s storms!

L is for Limitless and family love has no bounds. Family love is immeasurable and endless. Family love is deeper than a bottomless pit, YES! it has no end. Family love is infinite in power, strength, and endurance, having unbounded patience because God created family love we have everlasting love, which cannot change!

Y is for the YOUTH, products of family love, for God has made you, pruned you, and molded you, for our future legacy awaits designed love proven by fire and unselfish desires.

L is for lending, for family love is ours for a short time, so work family love with all your might, don’t fight or complain, just keep love moving without any returns because being greedy God will not be please in thee! Family love lends your helping hands wherever and whenever without reservations, pushing family love forward into deep dark crevices for you will be a shining light on someone’s heart!

O is for Ocean as far as the eyes can see family love goes deeper than any sea. Family love will travel far and wide to rescue those in need. For God knows as a unit Family love aims to please and put everyone’s mind at ease.

V is for validation, family love won’t ever, ever be late. Family love can be trusted for sure as God watches over the family each day. The enemy that tries to harm family love will get busted and disgusted. There is no length to family love for there is a sure connection with Abba Father in heaven above.

E is for eternal, Family love is eternal when we love as God loves, family love patterns herself after the master, creator, our Lord and Savior, because only through his guidance and teaching Family love will never die! Family love will live on and strive to maintain God’s unity until we meet him in the sky!

I want to leave you with this message today. Connect with someone in your life that you see as family and share a moment together. Go be with that special someone and enjoy all the moments together.

I wish you a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true and remember don’t make resolutions make a revolution in your mind to make all happen in your life.

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