Being Stuck in The How is Keeping You Small

More and more I see online Entrepreneurs desperately looking for a solution, but forgetting one simple elementary factor:

You’re Stuck in The How Forgetting One Crucial Element: YOU!

As soon as you realize that it is all within YOU then the INNER WORK starts to be molded.

Your mindset is like a muscle that must be trained and flexed. It’s time to unleash your inner creative power and OWN your gifts. In reality, being stuck in the how is keeping you small.

When I started my business, the personal development world was a complete stranger to me! Up until that point, I wasn’t focusing on growing personally but living within the “Culturescape” and obeying somebody else’s B.S. rules.

Needless to say that I came crashing down and as soon as I felt good again, I would fall again. You see, I wasn’t working on my inner world and I was being conditioned by the outer societal world.

Continous thoughts were roaming through my mind on a daily basis. These thoughts were making me doubt myself, compare myself with others, waiting for the right moment that all would be perfect. Most importantly they were making me play small and I was definitely stuck in the how. I felt like I had this perpetual need to find a solution and how to do things.

I know I’m not alone on this and I am aware that most of these thoughts come from past events, unresolved situations, and what we hear from the outside world. Other people judging us, saying things that make us feel helpless, small, and most often from loved ones.

“Where your attention goes, focus goes. Where focus goes energy flows. Where energy flows, substance manifests.” In other words, your life is a reflection of your thoughts – what I call the thought-seeds you plant and give energy to. ~ Ockert Möller

I couldn’t agree more: “What we think about, comes about”. 

Have you ever noticed before in your life, thinking that something is going to be terribly wrong and then Boom, it kind of happens! We conjure pictures in our minds and our thoughts escalate based on our limiting beliefs and the rules of society. The more we think about it the worse it gets. And finally, it’s too late to stop it, and therefore when you least expect it, you’ve manifested something in your life that you don’t want.

Has this happened to you? Be honest with yourself and answer this question for me and yourself, please.

We’re conditioned from the age of 3 to process everything that our peers taught us and the external societal factors around us. We don’t question the “Status Quo” because we believe that it is the way to do things and solve our problems.

We go about our lives pretending to BE someone we’re not so that we can be accepted and fit in. Those that question and shake the cages of society are considered rebels or hippies. Maybe they know something that the average person doesn’t.

Just think about it! When was the last time that you rattle some cages? It has probably been a while. You don’t want to upset anybody and so you keep quiet.

Well, I don’t want you to be quiet anymore!

Pleasing other people’s needs and forgetting your own.

The moment someone starts working with me, I want them to have a clean slate and start fresh.

Coaches and creative entrepreneurs ask me for help with HOW to design their online presence but the first question I ask them is “What do you really want to SEE, to BE, to FEEL, to HEAR? What do you want for your life and business?”.

When you ask this question you start to dig deep into the reason WHY you want it in the first place. Why is important to you? And why does it matter to you personally?

This keeps you away from finding the solution in the HOW. I ask them to forget about the how! The how is actually all the learning and implementation that is going to take place. However, first, we need to gain clarity in what we truly want so that we can reverse engineer the steps.

The 1st Stage of the way I work is super simple.

We tackle your state of mind first and foremost. Mindset is 80% of your success so it stands to reason that we should start here:

These are the 5 mindset path we focus on at the 555 Intensive Workshop: Unleash Your Inner Creative Power:

  • INTENTION: Identify and visualize what you want? Who do you want to become? What do you want to be known for? What do you stand for? What’s your vision and mission?

  • FACE THE FEAR: This is where we look at what is stopping you from achieving what you want and not allowing you to move forward. Remember that the only thing stopping you is not FEAR is yourself. So, we need to find out what are you most scared of losing when you achieve what you want.

  • REWRITE YOUR STORY: What story are you telling yourself over and over again?

  • DAILY MINDFULNESS: You’re going to be stretched out of your comfort zone as you progress towards what you want to achieve. There will be times that whatever you are implementing you will doubt your actions. This is why practicing mindfulness improves your ability to slow down your mind, focus on one thing at a time and help you progress in your life and business.

  • THE GLUE: The sticky substance that keeps everything together. This is going to require willpower and perseverance on your part. In order to create a consistent and repeatable pattern in your life and STICK WITH IT, you must find the self-discipline to stay in your lane and don’t let the inner gremlins overpower you.

I urge you to not disregard this step. I’ve learned from my own experience the importance of doing the inner work first because when you feel at your best, you perform at your best. And when you perform at your best, you start attracting more positive vibrations to yourself.

It all starts in your mind!

Everything that you are imagining and thinking right now is affecting your ability to move forward. Your mind is a muscle that needs to be trained and guided.

In this first step of the 555 Intensive Workshop, we are going to help you “Heal with Art” therapy and we are going to use a creative process to gain self-awareness and self-reflection in order to gain insight and develop self-control over our emotions. The Artwork is a visual representation of thoughts, feelings, and daily images.

These mental images can offer solutions to problems and insights into the cause of these feelings. Those insights allow you to accept and create new responses to emotions felt. This, in turn, will help you to improve self-esteem, extraordinary self-empowerment, and the development of skills that will help you to deal with life’s challenges.  This creative process can foster self-awareness, boost self-esteem and increase personal growth.

Let me know in the comments if this article has helped you somehow and in what way. Are you going to continue in the “Stuck in the How” mode all your life? Or are you going to explore the possibility that you can change your current reality?

You don’t have to be stuck in the HOW, but instead be in the NOW! ~ Sofia Reis


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Learn How To Launch Your First Webinar

Do you want to learn how to launch your first webinar?

Launching your first webinar doesn’t need to be stressful or over complicated.

However, there are some things that you need to have into consideration before you launch your first webinar.

You have at your disposal a variety of tools to make this possible. I use an online resource for all my webinars called WebinarNinja.

Oftentimes, your first webinar can be stressful because there are so many things to think about so that it can run smoothly. I recommend that you find help and support throughout so that the experience is pleasant. And continue to read this post so that you learn how to launch your first webinar.

Yes, you absolutely can do this on your own but wouldn’t you rather feel relaxed and knowing that all the technical parts are being dealt with.

When I first launched my first webinar, I had to take into consideration the following:

  • Be in the zone meaning being in a state of relaxation so that I could deliver the presentation to the best of my ability. This is seriously so important and I would say 70% of the whole webinar process.
  • Then there were the technical mechanisms that I was required to put in place. I know that this can slow down many of you because if you are not a techie-minded person you will find a few obstacles that will make you give up and not deliver your presentation. Your audience wants to learn from you and therefore it is crucial that you overcome these difficulties.
  • Automate the process: You must have a system to create and deliver your webinars otherwise you will be overwhelmed with the magnitude of the whole process.
  • Capture all registrants of the webinar presentation and nurture them through an email sequence. Doing webinars is also a good idea if you want to build your list and attract your ideal audience to your business.

Let’s now talk about what WebinarNinja Allin-One software can do for you.

In WebinarNinja you have 4 types of Webinars (aka virtual conferences) available:

WebinarNinja Types of Webinars

  • LIVE: Broadcasted live by the host. This is the most popular option and it has full live interactivity with your registrants. The host can have one or more people during their own presentation.
  • AUTOMATED: This will be automated on certain dates that you select. You can use a past webinar that you’ve done or a recorded video and run your webinars on autopilot. Great to start building your email list of interested prospects.

Timing for Automated Webinars in WebinarNinja

  • SERIES: All attendees register once and they will have access to a series of presentations. This is great if you are delivering courses or even for online summits and conferences.
  • HYBRID: These types of webinars are those that are recorded but the host is present in the backend to answer your questions, rum your polls, and offers. This is especially good if you want to answer ll questions in simultaneously during the webinar presentation.
  • PS – ALL THESE TYPES OF WEBINARS CAN BE DELIVERED FREE TO ATTENDEES OR PAID FOR. All that is required in the paid webinar option is for you to connect a payment gateway such as Stripe.

Pricing of WebinarNinja and What’s included in every plan.

I would recommend you take advantage of the free trial they provide and go through all the features available.

Pricing Plans of WebinarNinja

There is so much amazing value in this Webinar software resource and there is more… What’s included in your payment plans:

Webinar Software all in one - What is included in the payment plans

Stay tuned for a video showcasing a client’s three live webinars that she launched and where we supported the whole process throughout. This coach was so happy with the way we helped her run her webinars and stated that “this wouldn’t have been possible without your undivided attention and support, Sofia! I can now understand the importance of having someone guiding me through all the technical and mindset that happens with a first online webinar”. After each live webinar, we would meet to discuss any changes and feedback about them.

If you want to learn how to launch your first webinar, let’s have a conversation and assess what are your first steps so that your webinar is a success and you end up with an incredible and fun experience.

5 Things You Can Do at Lunchtime To Exit Your 9 to 5

5 things you can do at lunchtime to exit your 9 to 5 and start building your business foundations.

I still remember so vividly when I was desperately looking for a way out of my 9 to 5 and knew the importance of start building some systems and foundations in order to start my business.

Every break I had, I would look out for every opportunity to plan my exit and start building my business but obviously without jeopardizing my current employment.

You must be clever and conscious to not let the “desperation” of your current situation, influence your exit from your 9 to 5.

There are things that you can do in order to start building the foundations so that your 9 to 5 exit is smooth and not drastic. After all, you still need the “comfortable” monthly income of your job to finance your exit.

I wrote a previous article on the 5 sneaky ways I fired my boss and I believe that will inspire you as well. 

Now let me show you some ideas that you can implement at lunchtime so when the time comes, you are ready and prepared. These are so simple and easy to implement that you will be surprised.

Let’s get into the 5 things you can do at lunchtime to exit your 9 to 5 and start building your foundations.

1 – Mindful Eating

It’s understandable that at lunchtime, you would eat right? If you are currently in a job, you will probably have 30 minutes to 1 hour for your lunch. If you are currently in a stressful job, be aware that stress creates acid in your stomach and if you are feeling this discomfort then it’s important to attune your 5 senses especially when you’re about to seat to enjoy your meal.

The state of consciousness that you are in when you’re eating is even more important than the food itself. ~ Emily Fletcher

  • Before your meal prepare a warm drink (2/3 hot and 1/3 cold water)
  • While the water boils, do a simple breathing exercise
  • Energize your food by giving thanks for what you’re about to eat.
  • Don’t rush your food. Eat slowly and really enjoy your food. Enjoy the colours on your plate, the smells that eradiate from the ingredients. Savour and taste every single bite as if it was your first meal.

2 – Plan Your Exit with Asana.

Start planning your 9 to 5 exit plan in Asana or your startup business plan. We use Asana for all of our project management tasks. This tool allows you to create specific projects either private or public and share tasks with your team and/or clients. Even if you don’t have a team yet, this productivity tool keeps it all prioritized and you know exactly what you need to do next, all important deadlines, and a record of the completed work.

Building a Business Plan in Asana is super simple and quick. They have templates ready for you to use. There is also a mobile app that you can use when you find extra time at lunchtime or you need to send an email to a client or a teammate.


3 – Choose Your Appointment Scheduler

so that you can start inviting people for a strategy call with you. I’ve used a few different types of appointment schedulers since I’ve started my business to check which one was the best for me. Finally, I’ve chosen Acuity Scheduler to organize all my calls with prospects. Go ahead and watch the video where I will show you how to create a free account with this tool.


4 – Research and Hire a Professional To Start Building Your Online Presence

This is what I do for my clients, we get Coaches and Consultants online with an attractive and branded online presence. We architect and design your business online that resonates with your target audience and gives them exactly what they are looking for.

If you are running your coaching business as a side hustle, the 5 Steps to 5K in 5 Days Intensive Bootcamp might be just the solution you are seeking for.

This will allow you to:

Serve more people in one go,

Have a cash injection in your business…

And work fewer hours.

    5 – Get Paid Quickly

    Even though you are still in your 9 to 5, nothing is stopping you from having clients outside your working hours or even during your days off. And you want to have a payment system to charge your clients.

    This video tutorial is for you if you want to set up an automated monthly recurring payment with your clients.


    These are just a few of the things that I used to do before I quit my 9 to 5. I really want to emphasize the importance of building your pillars before you take the LEAP from your current employment. Becoming your own boss has its challenges that if you can minimize the risk and overcome the uncertainty that comes with being an Entrepreneur, the faster you will succeed in your future endeavours.

    Which of these ideas are you going to start doing? Let me know in the comments which ones and your own stories. Maybe you already do something similar! Share with us what that is.

    5 Burnout Signs That Had Gone Way Too Far

    The burnout signs can happen at any time in your life.

    When you least expect it, the burnout signs start to build up in your body until it explodes either mentally or physically. Either you’ll be employed, unemployed, or running your own business.

    So, what is burnout?

    Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

    It can indeed wipe off the joy out of your career, friendships, and family interactions. However, this silent predator is not easily detected. You can have these signs for years until it reaches a stage of depression.

    5 Burnout Signs That Had Gone Way Too Far

    • Stare into oblivion – Mental and Physical Exhaustion:

      • I first experienced this when I had my first baby. I was already 36 years old and completely clueless about how to take care of a baby. I used to say to myself “why don’t they come out with a manual”. You see, if I had a manual I could just follow instructions, and all was good. So I got one, “Gina Ford” book which saved my life at the time. However, the lack of sleep and adult interaction with my work colleagues soon drove me into postnatal depression. It was suggested by the midwife that I needed to see the doctor so that she could prescribe me something for my condition. I politely declined and got on with my life. There were times that I was climbing the walls and I was missing terribly going back to work, where I knew my job was valued and I knew exactly what to do.
      • Once I was so tired that I was staring into my coffee machine waiting for the coffee to come out. My body was present in the kitchen in front of the coffee machine but my mind was somewhere else entirely. So much so that the coffee filled the counter and I burst into tears because I couldn’t control the situation. Exhaustion delays your reflexes and your ability to think quickly.
    • Unspeakable Health Issues:

      • Stress will catch up with you either be mentally or physically in your body. From the moment I was able to be free to do whatever I want, I always just did it. Meaning that I wouldn’t think twice about the consequences. My impulsive nature always guided me in the path that I was meant to be. Most recently intuition is ruling my world. I suppose “intuition” has always been there but unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it properly. I was indeed very impulsive but at the same time courageous but I was missing a secret ingredient which was the ability to tap into my intuition.
      • Most recently, stress caught up with me. Like literally and I didn’t even see it coming. Suddenly, all these horrible rashes started appearing in my feet and hands. Intense itchiness, redness, and formation of small blisters filled with clear fluid started to appear first in my foot and then in my hands. I immediately saw the doctor who was prompt to give me some injections but also was told me that this was due to stressful situations in my life and if not controlled they will appear again. So, I urge you to be vigilant for any anxiety triggers in your life to avoid these eruptions in your body or even become aware of your emotional state.
      • Your mind controls your body (aka the immune system) and when you have a weak immune system, all sorts of illnesses can appear spontaneously. Doing daily meditation can help you overcome these and heal you from the inside out.
    • Lack of Motivation and performance:

      • It is September of 2014, and I’m having a strange feeling in my gut as I arrive at work. That day, the company was working for announced massive redundancies in the workplace. Even though my position was safe I felt enormous empathy towards my colleagues. Needless to say that days after my energy and motivation completely changed. It was the time that I said to myself “enough is enough” and made the bold decision to fire my boss in order to start my own business.
    • Constant worrying about what’s not yet concrete (aka the Future):

      • “With great responsibility, comes great power”. This quote has been stuck in my mind for a while. It’s true that my life as I was growing up was simple and empty of life’s responsibility. My family provided for me and that is A-Okay, they were teaching me how to embrace the POWER of responsibility. The moment I left my parent’s house to live by myself, I understood the “power” that I had. The responsibility of the work-life demands was at times very worrying. That’s why I had to tame the power I had in me to progress and move forward with worrying of what’s to come. And this is why is important that you take care of the most important person in the world. YOU!
    • Not taking care of number 1 – ME:

      • The moment you neglect yourself, things start to go downhill pretty quickly and burnout is inevitable. Choose time for you, to unwind, to do your hobbies, to just take a walk down the beach, to relax. I feel so re-energized when I pamper myself. It’s like I’m a new person, full of joy, happiness, and energy. Also, taking care of yourself increases your creativity and self-expression.

    In this article from HealthLine you will find the Signs of Burnout:

    • Exhaustion. Feeling physically and emotionally depleted.
    • Isolation. People with burnout tend to feel overwhelmed.
    • Escape fantasies. Dissatisfied with the never-ending demands of life.
    • Irritability. Burnout can cause people to lose their cool with others more easily.
    • Frequent illnesses. Burnout, like other long-term stress, can lower your immune system.

    Have a look at the insightful Infographic with the 12 Stages of Burnout from Healthline.

    What can you do to prevent burnout:

    • Meditate to Alleviate

    Creating a designated time to meditate consistently will help you to relax your mind from stressful situations. And meditation doesn’t have to be hardcore. I speak about this in my other article 5 reasons why meditation doesn’t have to be hardcore. It requires discipline though to start building a habit and to stick with it.

    • Hobbies can be a lifesaver

    It is crucial to find something outside of work that you are passionate about doing.  Whether be a hobby, sports or fitness activities or even volunteering in the community with some charity work. It has been proven that those that keep themselves occupied even after retirement, have an active and healthy mind and body.

    • Play the “Pull the Plug” Game 

    With the evolution of technology in our present society, more distractions are at our fingertips. This is why is super important to set boundaries by unplugging and spending time with loved ones. Set a date for your next holidays. Imagine yourself already on holiday with your family or friends. For inspiration, check out our 5 daily habits to boost your creative power.

    • Get Enough Sleep

    I’ve always been a night owl and I know that many of you are too. However, I’ve recently realized how important it is to have proper sleep to stay away from burnout. The realization happened when after successfully completing a MindValley program with Dr. Michael Breus, The Mastery of Sleep. After many years of deprived sleep, your body starts to reach its limit, and therefore in order to refuel your brain and your body, it’s imperative that you have a healthy sleep pattern.

    • Stay Productive

    Often, when we burnt out, we forget a lot. There might be a task or 2 that is going to slip through the cracks. Start planning your day, write down all the to-do’s you have for the week, put them in your calendar to remind you. That way, it’s easier to be on top of things and you don’t panic when things are not done. Create a reminder system and not don’t just rely on what’s in your head. I use a digital calendar but I also have a planner which I carry around whenever possible.

    • Make Self-care Your #1 Priority

    Make an appointment with yourself! No, seriously, when you feel that you are exhausted and your thoughts don’t make any sense. You are shouting and feeling quite irritable… PAUSE and take a step back. Ask yourself: “Where is this feeling coming from?”, “What has caused this event to escalate?”.

    Asking yourself powerful questions will help you to find out why you are stressed out. 8 out of 10 times, these feelings come from internal challenges that we are feeling. So, prioritizing your regular self-care will keep you motivated, doing your best work, and functioning well. Self-care is a tonic for creativity, innovation, and happiness.


    I would love for you to try some of the ideas I gave you above. Which ones are you more inclined to do? The important thing is not to overthink and just do it. Is there a hobby that you’ve been thinking of pursuing? Is that painting unfinished or need a spruce up? When was the last time that you walked along the sea and felt the waves covering your toes and the soft ocean aroma covering your body with delight?

    Transform Your Life and The Lives of Others

    Have you ever thought about using some of your life experiences to transform your life and the lives of others?

    It is an incredible gift, let me assure you! Transform Your Life and The Lives of Others.

    Maybe you feel that you’ve been through a hurdle in life and now is the time to help others surpass it. Whatever it is that you overcome, it is possible that someone else is looking to overcome too. Possibly you have certain talents within yourself that you don’t even know about. Have you ever questioned this?

    Well, I have many times. At the time of starting my business, I heard many coaches say, you must tap into your zone of genius and find your specific niche. This pursuit of your zone of genius and your specialized niche is a journey that you must find in order to be positioned as a specialist.

    However, this journey can’t be mastered on your own. That is why finding the external help that you need is always important.

    That is when I found the TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY which has changed my life.

    In this extraordinary Academy, you will find a series of programs and training with really specialized coaching niches.

    [You can find me at 3:40 saying: “Eu sou a transformação”]

    First I did the Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification. I’ve always been able to release stress and anxiety through art expression so when I found this certification, I was suddenly intrigued. My experience from it was incredible. A total discovery through tapping into my creativity, intuition, and self-expression.

    Therapeutic art is a powerful tool that you can use as a life coach to help your clients unlock the power of their subconscious mind, allowing them to:

    • Release pain
    • Process emotions
    • Find clarity and meaning

    Art has been used throughout human history to express the depths of human experience because our minds understand the abstract or symbols at a deeper level than language, and now you can add this ancient tool to your life coaching toolbox!

    This course is designed to teach you the psychology behind how and why art is such a powerful tool for improving wellbeing! You will also learn a variety of art therapy processes and exercises that you can use to help your clients:

    • Improve their self-expression
    • Uncover and release outdated patterns
    • Heal past emotional pain
    • Tune into their intuition
    • Explore their deepest dreams and desires

    The therapeutic art life coaching process you will learn will include powerful ancient art designs for meditation and self-exploration, such as mandalas, as well as modern-day artistic approaches for goal setting and manifestation, such as vision boards or dream boards.

    Plus, you’ll receive other powerful processes to use with your clients, including journaling, guided meditation, and therapeutic art for stress reduction.

    You’ll also learn supplemental psychology processes for helping your clients unlock the power of their minds by:

    • Changing their thoughts and beliefs
    • Using affirmations to increase their confidence
    • Using visualization to rewire their brain and transform their life

    This life coach certification is designed to be used with adults, but the powerful art therapy tools you will learn can be used with any age group. In fact, ANYONE can benefit from therapeutic art exercises—NO ARTISTIC ABILITY IS REQUIRED!

    You can use these processes with:

    • One-on-one life coaching clients
    • Group life coaching programs
    • Facilitating workshops

    Then I mastered the Group Life Coaching Certification which has been pivotal for what I want to specialize in and a massive foundational stepping stone for RADICAL LAUNCH SYSTEM. In the Radical Launch System program, I use a mixture of the techniques and tools I’ve learned with this certification and a “done for you” service where we build your membership group programs whilst we are working on the core content building and your launch system.

    The most effective way to scale with groups and transform your life and the lives of others is with…


    BE – Build Your Mindset – So that you feel confident, energized, and full of self-belief in order to take massive action without fear. You’ll unleash your creative power and fall in love with a crystal clear vision. Smash your limiting beliefs and rewrite your story.

    SEE – Build Your Pillars – You’ll feel guided and reassured that your business is growing solid roots for scalability and sustainability. You’ll get your creative juices flowing with the inspiring possibilities of what you can build for yourself.

    CRE8 – Build Your Content – Focus on exactly the “enough” content your audience needs to move forward towards what they want to achieve. Package your knowledge and expertise in a way that is going to give her more ease and flow. Focus on clear milestones and the Why path of your members.

    DO – Build Your Launch – With a client attraction system, you get a steady flow of leads. You feel like the expert you are as you grow your list, connect with your followers, nourish the relationship and guide them through your teachings so that it’s a no-brainer when they feel ready to invest in your programs.

    GROW – Build Your Tribe – Know how to keep an engaged and happy community and feel like the leader you always wanted to be. Your members will feel accomplished as they know they are moving forward and progressing.

    Transform Your Life and The Lives of Others

    So if you want to achieve a consistent, scalable, and automated business, we need to talk. I’m a Vision Architect and I’m ready to listen to your own vision and what you really want to achieve with your group program. Are you ready to transform your life and business for the better and finally find the freedom lifestyle you want?



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