The Pitfalls of working from home

Working from home has many challenges. Unfortunately, we don’t become aware until the day that we have to either remotely work from home or start our own business.

The first day I quit my 9 to 5 JOB was very challenging indeed!

You see, until then I had a daily routine scheduled.

It used to go like this: wake up at 7 am, get washed and dressed, help kids get ready, commute to work on autopilot and go through the day at work like a robot. Return from work and prepare dinner and late at night work on my business.

Everything has changed when I became my own boss. My routine got totally messed up. I had no one to tell me “Do this or do that”, after all, I was in charge and wanting to run my business at my own terms, I started to neglect the so needed routine in my day.

So, the pitfalls of working from home started to appear in my life:


I soon realized that if I don’t keep the mind and body active, I would start to be more overwhelmed and start procrastinating. I would find cleaning the house more attractive than calling prospects and selling my services.

I would postpone certain tasks or even just ignore them as if they would go away! Unfortunately, they didn’t go away, my daily tasks and building my business was still there the next day. I used to try and find every single excuse to NOT DO my work.

That wouldn’t happen if I was still in corporate, right? I used to have a schedule and religiously follow it. The opposite started happening and I started to “dilly dally” so I had to find a way to reduce the vicious circle of PROCRASTINATION and that is why I implemented the exercise below.

Here’s an exercise for procrastination that you might find helpful. This is an exercise that I use myself if I’m struggling with anything either in my life or biz.

Example…the common”procrastination” state that we found ourselves in.

🔎I START by digging deeper into it…and I asked myself.

Q: Why I’m procrastinating?
A: To avoid doing my inner work.

Q: Why am I avoiding doing my inner work?
A: Because of what I might find.

Q: Why is finding “It” a problem?
A: I might need to release it because it’s not serving me.

Q: Why is it not serving me?
A: Because it’s making me play small and don’t show up my power.

Q: Why is playing small a problem?
A: Because I will miss opportunities and hide.

I do these why questions exercise often but maybe not as often as I should. Then I visualize the opposite of “playing small”. How would it feel to “play BIG”.

Visualisation is powerful because you start to send messages to your brain of what you want to see and achieve. You start to reframe the old story that you have been telling yourself. The story that doesn’t serve you anymore will become the dream vision that you so want.


If you still have a corporate job or you need to do remote work, finding the balance between that and building your own business can be hard. When you work remotely, one of the emotions that you need to face is the feeling of being guilty if you don’t perform your job tasks like you are required.

Many companies allow their employees to work remotely. I agree 100% with this practice but they must allow for their employees to do the work autonomously and trust.

However, they employees are aware that these activities are being monitored, so they feel guilty if during the day they take their eyes off the screen or God forbid take a break from their computer screens and stop reading emails.

If you work in your 9 to 5 remotely you are so exhausted by the end of the day that you can’t find the strength to work on your own business. I get it! I’ve been through that myself. You feel that you need to report the work done to your executives but all you want to do at the end of your working day is to put your feet up, watch a movie, read a good and relax with a nice glass of wine. But you can’t unwind, right?

Having a daily planned schedule and taking regular breaks will help you to find the balance between working your JOB and working on your own business.

One of the tools that have helped me to find my balance and reduce my stress has been to learn how to meditate. There is no right or wrong when we start meditating. The key is to allow thoughts to come to you and vanish for a while so that you can find inner peace and rejuvenation. Breathing deeply and exhaling your worries during your meditation sessions has been proven to calm you down.


Working from home comes with building boundaries, not only with yourself but also with others. Your boss (or your clients, in case you already become your own boss) don’t know for sure what you are doing all day. So, they assume that you are available for questions, last-minute calls or the endless emails with progress tracking.

I asked one of my clients how does it feel to work remotely and still find the time to launch her business. This was what she had to say:

By the time you get ‘off work’…which nowadays my boss calls me way after my ‘off-time’….the brain and nervous system are too tense and drained of creativity and energy to then focus on creating something inspiring and valuable for your own project, and target audience.

It feels exhausting and draining doesn’t it? It feels like you are on call 24/7. This is the quickest road to burnout.

Creating boundaries with others and with yourself will enable you to own your space and your sanity. Let others know that “this and that” will be done and give them a time when you’re intending to do it. In this case, you are allowing yourself some space to breathe and meeting their expectations.


Your outer space is a reflection of your inner space. I truly believe that when you surround yourself with a clean and beautiful environment, you feel happier and joyful for longer during the day. Little things can put a smile on your face such as fresh flowers, listening to music playing in the background or even having an organised and clean workplace.

I love to listen to music when I work. It’s funny because sometimes I just put my headphones and suddenly I’m humming so loud that my husband starts looking at me in a weird way as if I am from a different planet. It surely helps me to learn. I remember when I was studying, in my early teenage years, I used to play my favourite 80’s music. I knew that I was completely engrossed in my studies and totally focused when the tunes would disappear from my mind. That is weird, don’t you think?


During your day there will be quite a few things that are going to upset you. Maybe some tasks are not going the way you want them to go. Possibly some client(s) or even your boss has upset you or undervalued your work. You feel angry and frustrated. 

Thoughts and images are running wild through your mind. Eventually, you lose control of the words you say to yourself and to others. The words you say to yourself are powerful and determine the vibration and energy that you carry so watch your words carefully my friend. Have you heard of “You are what You think”?

“The phrase ‘you are what you think’ is so true & in fact our life actually stems out only from what we think, say & do. I am a firm believer that whatever we think & feel at any given time is basically our request to the universe for more of the same. Remember, your universe just responds to whatever energy you are creating & it gives you more of the same. That is why it is so important to make sure that you are sending out signals that resonate only with what you want to be, do & experience. Do not transmit anything which engages your own angels against you & your world. If you only focus on lack & remain negative, anxious & stressed then the energy of your thoughts will repel the universal force against you. You have to be very careful with your feelings, intentions, thoughts & actions by choosing to manifest only those which work towards your benefit & cultivate your highest good. Let my today’s message push your brain to form new clusters of positive thoughts so that you can break patterns of negative thoughts & actions in order to make your universe to endow you with the abilities to turn all your wishful thoughts into your reality soon. Let all your blessings continue to multiply. Stay Positive, Passionate, Joyful, Appreciative & Optimistic!”
― Rajesh Goyal

Curious to know what takeaways you got from this blog article. Let me know in the comments what other good practices to put in place to avoid falling into challenges of working from home?

How to make online conversations meaningful

Who doesn’t like to have some meaningful online conversations nowadays? I know I do so when Beata Seweryn-Reid from Beata Life Coaching invited me for a chat, I immediately said Yes!

There is a lot of talking going around in the online world, but is it meaningful? When I first started my business online, I had to learn how to communicate with others differently. I suppose my message had to mean something to my audience. I know that talking online is not the same as in-person networking. I have started my business by going to local networking groups and just listen and learn about starting a business. All seemed ALIEN to me. You see, I have tried before to start my business without success so when I decided to do it once again, I vowed that it would be different. I started to study the way people talked and communicated with each other.

Let me talk about Beata’s Meaningful Conversations…

Beata has been interviewing Experts and other coaching Entrepreneurs for a while now and let me tell you that I think this is the ultimate co-creation collaboration strategy of the century.  So many of us are running our businesses and doing what we are passionate about so, why not collaborate with other like-minded experts to expand our reach and increase the visibility of what we do?

I truly believe that there is enough business for everybody and there is no need to compete but instead co-create! ~ Sofia Reis

Nothing better than having an informal and a cosy chat with our colleagues and clients to communicate our message to our ideal audience who needs accurate information and inspiring words.

Now, I invite you to watch this meaningful conversation chat with Beata.

Topic: “Unleash Your Inner Creative”

  1. Find out “Why” you do what you do first. In most cases when we start our businesses, we concentrate so much in the “how” we should perform our business that we forget about our passionate WHY.
  2. Your online “Journey” needs to reflect your personality, your unique message and your creativity.
  3. In the wise words of Steven Redhead – “We are all Artists painting our desires on the canvas of life and time.” I truly believe that we are all creators of our reality and it is within our reach to unleash our desires and creative flow.
  4. The ability to be creative was born with all of us. As children, we do what we do without thinking however as we grow in adulthood we start doubting our ability to express ourselves creatively.
  5. Creativity doesn’t need to be just about Art. It means different things to everybody. It’s abstract and has different meanings.
  6. When is it the right time to unleash your creativity? This can be different for everybody and there isn’t a right or wrong time honestly. Time is relative.

We are all creators of our own reality. ~ Sofia Reis

We are all artists painting our desires on the canvas of life and time-Steven Redhead


The biggest obstacle in unleashing your inner creative is within yourself. We stop ourselves from doing all the uncomfortable things we want to do for fear of failure. Therefore, we remain in our safe zone and don’t leap beyond the “uncertain”.

To overcome these obstacles, it is required to do your inner work. Become aware of your obstacles and quite your internal chatter. In my experience doing some meditation, exercises have greatly helped to ground myself. Another exercise that has helped is to express my words freely in my journal. Just write from your heart without judgement and perfection. We Live in our heads, it is up to you to stop your inner talk. We all have a choice of what we do in life.

Let me know in the comments what is your WHY, your reason to get up in the morning?


3 Simple Group Models for your Coaching Business

In this blog post, I’m showing you 3 group coaching models to take into consideration for your coaching business.

The possibilities are truly endless when we talk about group coaching models however let’s start with these three cases for now. I’m giving you a little “taster” so that you can see the possibilities of what you can build.

Three Group Coaching Models for your business

Quick & Easy Group Program Model often called DIY or Evergreen (clue: It can even be an online course)

  • This is a low-cost entry-level program option.
  • It’s a model does not require your interaction or live coaching calls. All the materials are readily available to those that want it and it can be delivered by email or can be part of your membership platform. This offering is normally a course teaching them to do something that is part of your more complex program.
  • Usually sold between £97 – £297 but it varies.
  • At the end of this type of program, members are given the opportunity to take things further by enrolling in a more advanced program, such as a coaching package, VIP day, or more advanced group program. 

An example of a program/course like this first model is the Social Media Starter Kit, where I take you through how to fast track your social media strategy in four easy modules that you can complete on your own over a weekend. You get instant access to all the modules to go through at your leisure and a full library of resources, downloads, checklists and case studies. We call this an evergreen type of course.

Workshop or Bootcamp Program Model

  • The main objective is to get your clients to their first milestone.
  • Weekly group coaching calls in which you’re teaching and answering questions in person.
  • Fast results because you’re getting to something BIGGER—it’s worth more around £997-£1997.
  • At the end of the program, participants are given the opportunity to take things further, by enrolling in the exclusive Mastermind or Signature Program or work 1-on-1 with yourself the coach.

For this case, I will have to use one of my Coach client workshops, where Sanae Floyd helps others free themselves from debt, reclaim control and rewrite their money stories – The Paid in Full Academy is a Bootcamp style program built inside a recurring membership level.

Signature Program (It depends on the transformation that you provide your group)

  • Normally between 6-12 months duration.
  • Group sessions for 60/90 minutes/week.
  • High level of engagement between participants (usually fully engaged), sometimes within the sessions and always through an online forum (or even 1-on-1).
  • They can include retreats, workshops, training or other in-person events. Very often signature programs also include personalized, private interaction with you and/or other coaches.
  • They’re paying for ACCESS and personalized attention.
  • In this model type, you are the Expert. You have extensive experience and expertise and therefore members benefit from the social capital of the masterminding process.
  • It is where group members are paying for direct access to you and others in the group, both of which are highly valuable. Prices can vary between £5k to £25k. Some coaching businesses can charge more, depending on the transformation and results they provide.

Members are willing to invest this much time and money because…

  • They know the mentor offers the expertise and experience they need;
  • Members believe the process will guide them in achieving their desired goals;
  • Participants know the processes and systems they’ll learn and receive will shorten their learning curve and they’ll reach success sooner.

There are however even higher level premium programmes, such as Masterminds and/or Retreats where you can charge a higher fee and reach even more people.

These are some ideas for you to see the possibilities of turning your 1 to 1 coaching business into a 1 to Many. The icing on the cake is when you have your programs/courses inside your membership platform. Furthermore, all your content is easily accessible by your members and ready to repeat whenever you want.

For instance, the Radical Launch System Program reflects a Signature Program example. Have a look at the behind the scenes of the RLS membership site. I hope you love it!

I would love to know if you are thinking of building your group coaching program? Let me know in the comments what are the challenges that you are having. If you are curious about why I love working with groups here’s an article for you: First Time I run group programs I was hooked!

How to Increase your Reach on your Facebook Business Page

I recently did a presentation in a membership group and I gave a bunch of tips on reaching organic reach from your Facebook business page, so here it goes for all of you…

“Don’t ignore your Biz pages, CONSISTENCY is Key”

17 ways to increase your Facebook Business Page reach:

1 – Mix up your post formats; a video is good but having a good balance of all post types is even better. People consume information in different ways to find out which type your audience prefers. Simples!

2 – Go Live. Short videos have better reach. Bear in mind that people’s attention span on Facebook is short so give them short 😉

3 – Do a native video on your page, record and upload directly. Facebook doesn’t like external links 🤪 and besides, you have a whole Creator Studio available at your fingertips to use. Creator Studio lets creators and publishers manage posts, insights and messages from all of your Facebook Pages in one place.

4 – Use attractive images and videos. A good place to do this is in Canva which has a variety of sizes suitable for social media platforms. With the paid version you can also add videos, animations and much more to your creative content posts.

5 – Create Milestones on your Facebook Business Page to announce different events, achievements or behind the scenes of your business. This is how…

Here are some ideas for you to include Milestones in your Facebook Page:

  1. When was your business founded?
  2. Have you attended or hosted any special events?
  3. Did you receive or been awarded any certifications?
  4. Have you recruited someone new for your team?
  5. Is there any business anniversaries?
  6. Are you promoting any upcoming programs?
  7. Do you have any testimonials that you can showcase as screenshots?
  8. Are there any celebrations that you’re proud of?
  9. Maybe you’ve written a book when was the launch?
  10. Do you speak at events?

The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild and give it a go.

6 – Create events for your products or services – This could be anything, even a book launch or your new lead generator Lead Magnet.

7 – Repurpose evergreen content. This is the content that doesn’t change in time, you can reuse and abuse across different media platforms.

8 – Have your page verified. Mine is Increase Your Social Media Reach

9 – Update your Facebook cover regularly and update your profile pic if you have done a rebrand or just a nice photoshoot. Oh Yeah and don’t forget to add a description to all your covers, you can add links in here. When you change your cover or your profile picture, all your connections will be notified of this change if they are following your page or receiving notifications.

10 – Here’re some sizes for you…BE CREATIVE

Video Covers – 820 x 462 pixels 20/90 secs
Image cover – 851 x 315 pixels
Profile Pic – 180 x 180 pixels

11- Invite other like-minded people to like your page and share posts between pages to show support

12 – Use relevant hashtags. A great place to find out about trendy is Hashtagify where you can find the best hashtags for Twitter and Instagram (which by the way are relevant for other platforms). It’s also a place to search for hashtags relations and influencers and maximize your social media strategy.

13 – Tag other people, clients or just others that you know they can benefit from reading your message or that you are collaborating with.

14 – Find your best time to post.

15 – Like other pages as your page and BE PRESENT and engage with other pages. Check out the video below to find out how to do this.

16 – FOCUS on engagement and make your audience FEEL something. It’s all about EXPERIENCES nowadays, so let’s be creative and think about how we can get more “eyeballs” on our business so that we can start attracting our ideal audience.

17. Collaborations with other biz owners in the form of cross-posting between pages, interviews with or through zoom or any other live streaming tool. Below I show you how to set up the cross-posting feature on your Facebook business page.

How to add pages to crosspost on your Facebook Business Page

This feature on your business pages is particularly good if you want to collaborate with other biz pages and share content across pages. For example, if you do a series of interviews on your page and you believe that another page will benefit from the same type of content.

Part 1 – Cross-Posting on Facebook with other pages

Part 2 – Activate the crossposting option on videos

Would really love to know if this has been helpful to you and which tasks are you implementing? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: All the features mentioned above might change in the future with the evolution of certain social media platforms. If you come across anything that is not quite correct please let me know in the comments below.

We live in our head

I’m going through the best part of my Radical Launch System group program which is the creation of program content. Let me tell you first that without content in your program, the latter wouldn’t exist.

I’m known for keeping things simple and doing things differently, a bit out of the norm. but based on what I’ve read and experienced in life.

So I picked up the concept of Simon Sinek The “Golden Circle” and I’ve done my own version.

Think about it, Simon says “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” (and this is something I coach inside the program) but what happens when they have bought your program and they landed inside your membership. Is your content overwhelming even more or are you creating content that speaks to them and they really WANT?

You see your member’s Hero Journey inside your program is a lot like the “Golden Circle” by Simon Sinek, you will just need to reverse engineer the roles and feel exactly what is it that your members want to achieve.

When designing your group program content focus on these 3 questions:

  1. Why does your client want to achieve the outcome?
  2. What will help them along the way?
  3. What benefits will they get in each program session/module?

When designing your group program content I advise to focus on these 3 questions

We live constantly in our heads and therefore we find it difficult to put ourselves in our clients (or prospects) state of being. When we shift our perception of what we want and focus on what they want, your message, your content and all your online activities will start making sense and attracting the right people to you.

Here’s some feedback I got recently from one of the members of the Radical Launch System.

“For me personally, I’m starting to understand that whatever it is that I do, will be all about the feeling and state of being that I want my clients to leave with… the WHY is not only the reason I’m called to do this work but that state of being and feeling I want my clients to leave with at the end of the program.”

I would love to know in the comments what do you think of this concept? Thanks for reading

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