13 Quick Questions About Making Choices You Should Answer Truthfully

Do you question yourself before making a decision?

I know I do. I’m a QUESTIONER.

I’ve always been and always will be. I’ve been trained from an early age that for every problem there is a solution. And to get to the solution we must ask as many questions as possible until it is clear in our mind which direction to take. As a coach, I understand the power of questions and how they can help you dig deep and unleash several possible outcomes for your problem.

When I quit my 9 to 5, I had to make some tough decisions. I had to measure carefully my choices and take responsibility for whatever I would decide to do. My head would spin with questions I would formulate! However, sometimes, we got to stop ourselves because too many questions flying around in your head can actually drive you further away from your finding your solutions.

So, I asked myself some of these questions. This extensive list is to guide you while making your choices in life or in business.

Just pick a few that sound good to you and answer them truthfully:

  1. Will this decision makes me closer to my dreams, my goals and who I aspire to be?
  2. Does it align with my values and vision? What is my heart saying? Decision-makers choose with their logical head and sometimes forget to listen to their hearts and gut instinct. Also, asking if it brings me closer to or takes me further away from my values. Whenever possible I always ask myself if this or that path choice is aligned with my three values.
  3. If I don’t do this now, will I regret it? Whatever decision you make or whatever choice you pick, always take responsibility for your actions. Regretting is never a good feeling as resentment and frustration may arise.
  4. What is the worst-case outcome? This one is often disregarded. Having a contingency plan in place or an idea of the worst-case scenario will be the difference between success and failure. Even though failing gives you an opportunity to try again and adjust.
  5. What would I tell my best friend to do? We are so good at providing for others that we forget about our own needs. So, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes might just give you the solution you are seeking.
  6. What would happen if I did nothing?
  7. What are my options, and what are the pros and cons of each option?
  8. A year from now, if I decide to do this, what might this look like? What would change? Who would I be with?
  9. Will I like myself after making this decision?
  10. What am I afraid of? This goes deep into your inner self. Imagine you are making a decision around showing up online and spreading your knowledge and expertise. What fears come up from that? Would you be afraid of being judged by others? Would you be afraid of not looking professional? Dive into this because it is important to face your fears so that you can conquer them.
  11. What internal and external motivators are driving your decision? Internal motivation” means that your motivation to accomplish your goal comes from within you. It is determined by your own values and goals. It is seen when a person undertakes an activity for its own sake without any sort of external rewards, such as a hobby. While “external motivation” means that we do something, not for the sake of inner fulfilment (because we want to), but to gain a reward or avoid a punishment.
  12. Would your life radically change if you make this decision or will it remain the same?
  13. What is my ideal outcome for a specific situation and decision? For example, “I want to work with a group of people so that I can leverage my time and have the freedom to travel, pursue my passion for art and spend more time with my family”. Having your ideal outcome in mind at all times can open up possibilities you haven’t considered.



What questions do you find helpful for tackling big decisions? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Why Being An Entrepreneur Can Be a Curse And a Blessing?

I know that the Entrepreneurial Curse is real and it sucks!

However, it can also be a blessing in disguise.

When I first started my business, I thought this is going to be fun, exciting and I was determined to go for it at all cylinders. I was full of creative ideas and images were running through my head of all the spare time that I would have to spend with my family and friends.

I often visualised myself travelling everywhere and having all the “time in the world” on my hands. I’ve always wanted to reclaim my passion for painting and seeing my art hanging on the walls of my home.

All I wanted was to run my business on my own terms and do whatever I felt like doing. I had enough of the mundane routine of corporate life, getting stuck in traffic and performing to someone else’s expectations. I wanted to perform for myself instead of waiting for external validation and my monthly “reward” (aka wages, paycheque or whatever you want to call it!).

I’ve been in business for a few years and have experienced both the so-called CURSE but also enormous amounts of BLESSINGS. Being an Entrepreneur can be hard but definitely very rewarding. It’s in your grasp to take control of your thoughts and actions and stop waiting for your actions to be validated. I remind myself of this constantly!

My philosophy is that when you’re navigating your Entrepreneurial Journey, you’re in charge of your business and life destiny. There is no right or wrong when we implement our own strategies. I escaped my 9 to 5 because I wanted to run my business on my own terms. I wanted to experiment with different ways of doing things not be tied to a one-fits-all strategy.

The CURSE happens when…

  • We doubt ourselves constantly. Second-guessing our abilities which drives us into the rabbit hole of life. I was constantly comparing myself with other entrepreneurs doing the same and being trapped into the next “shiny object” that will appear to daunt me.

  • It happens right at the start when I thought I could do it all on my own, I struggled to have all my tasks done. It was actually very counter-productive. The moment I invested in building my team, it was bliss! I have enough time to spare because I know that some tasks are being done even when I am taking time off to relax and pamper myself. I can go off on holiday knowing that my business is running while I’m having a good time.

  • Not having the accountability and support to brainstorm our ideas backwards and forwards and feeling lost with all our creative thinking and doing. This is why it is important to seek a community that will guide us and keep us away from our insecurities. It’s not enough to find a community but also build relationships with those like-minded business owners so that we can learn and progress.

  • Balancing personal life and running our business: I forgot the true purpose of why I started my business in the first place. Being able to spend more time with my family and have the freedom to do whatever I want. It breaks my heart when my kids say that “mummy is always on the computer” or “Do you have time for us this weekend mum?”.

  • The lack of emotional support from a spouse also can drive you crazy. There is nothing worse than the feeling of knowing that we are not valued and valuable.

But so rewarding when the BLESSINGS come true…

  • Seeing my children happy faces when I am spending time with them. It lights me up when we’re laughing and joking and doing stuff together. I love to see my family laughing hysterically. Do you know the feeling of having a pain in your face muscles because you’ve laughed so much?. Now, I make the time to guide them and be present.

  • Being able to surprise my parents with an unexpected visit and laughing and talking at the dinner table, making memories and being present in the moment. Taking photographs with my eyes as I gazed at everyone chatting and having fun.

  • I bask in the incredible feeling of the breakthroughs moments that my clients achieve. A proudly feeling takes over me because I know I am part of their success journey. This makes my heart sing and fills me with joy. Running your business believing in your client’s vision and materialising it as your own, adds a new meaning to it.

  • Having a meaningful conversation with a friend or business “bestie” and feed our soul with happiness and joy. Isn’t that a blessing?

  • Feeling like I’m not tied into a set “TIME” restriction. I can paint, write and do whatever I want when I want it.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I’ve encounter two BIG elements which keep on resurfacing if not dealt with:

  • The first one is TIME: I say this all the time and I hope you can agree. Time is precious and we all have the same “time”. However, we tend to blame time for not achieving what we want. How many times have you said: “OMG, I’m not going to have the time” or “Where am I going to find the time to do that?”. Reality is that how you manage your life and business time will determine the efficiency of what you do throughout your path and faster reach the end goal. I’ve written a blog post about this – 5 Tips to manage your precious time. Go and check it out.
  • Secondly, we have the 4 levels of DISBELIEF: I learnt this from Jeff Walker, who I have had the pleasure to not only read hos book but also watch him live in Stu MacLaren’s Tribe programme. So, it goes like this:
    • Whoever you’re selling to… They are not going to believe you!
    • Next, they won’t believe your “Thing“.
    • They don’t believe you can teach, mentor or coach your “Thing”.
    • And the biggie is… They don’t believe it’s going to work for them.
  • So you see, all these plays havoc with our mind because, in order to sell your services or products, your audience will need to believe in you. They need to feel that you’re able to deliver what you’ve promised. And ultimately that they are going to be able to achieve results from whatever you teach. Ask yourself…
    • Do you believe that you are able to deliver what you have created?
    • What about the belief in yourself?
    • And most importantly do you truly believe that you can provide the results that they are seeking?


I truly believe that we need to go through what is considered the “Entrepreneurial Curse” to reach all the “blessings”. Our struggles can be our gifts to the world. Especially when the purpose of your business is to help others overcome what you’ve been through.

There is nobody better than you to guide them. So let’s reframe what you are saying, thinking and believing. Let’s paint an image of your what you truly want. Because when you believe in yourself, others will see that positive energy you emanate and you’ll start attracting more of. Remember…what you focus on expands tenfold.

30 Simple Content Ideas To Create With Ease

Do you often get worried that you don’t have enough content to share with your audience?

Maybe you are looking around online and checking other people’s posts wondering what you can do for your business!

Is your online presence lacking a bit of spark? What about your audience, are they engaging with your content on a regular basis?

Often times we overthink what we write or do with our social media content strategy and then it all starts to be super complicated and very overwhelming. I get your frustration!

I’ve been active on social media platforms for a few years now and I can confidently tell you that it all boils down to these 3 points below. When you have this in mind, it all makes perfect sense and it will help you with outlining your content strategy.

So, let’s talk about these three areas which you should focus on:

  • Find engaging groups WHERE your audience is hanging out and seeking a solution to their problem. When you know exactly who your audience is, it becomes easier to find those places where they are hanging out. Genuine online community groups are great to find and help your audience to move forward with whatever struggle they are going through. Choose wisely what groups you should join. However, if you feel that you are not in the right group of people, politely step away. It takes time to find the right group. Some groups are too toxic and not the best choice. Whilst other groups are amazing and full of expert information and packed with your ideal audience.

  • Use social media to LISTEN to your audience “wants”. Listen to them carefully and read in between the lines of what they are not saying. Once you know exactly what they are looking for then all you need to do is create an amazing offer that is going to solve their problem and deliver that to them. 

  • Create and deliver content that your tribe needs. Figure out what they WANT and give them what they NEED. It’s as simple as that. There is no time to overthink and overcomplicate matters. Your audience needs you to show up and to mentor them through the struggles.


I’ve compiled 30 simple content ideas for you to use and to help you get unstuck in the “what shall I post about”. I know that you are a very creative and determined high achiever and this is what it gets in your way. Your mind is spinning with “what to do next and how to do it” and is blocking you from taking action and following your dreams and desires. You doubt yourself and that is keeping you small.

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”~Arnold Glasow

It’s a Wrap

I showed you 30 different ideas that you can create for your social media content strategy. I hope you enjoyed it! What I would like you to do now is to grab a hand full of those ideas and put them into practice. Or even better still, put your own spin on them and innovate. Remember that there is no right or wrong way of doing something but implementing and taking action is going to put you one step closer to where you want to be.

Let me know in the comments what ideas have come up for you after watching the videos?

Let's have a cup of coffee.

How Unleashing Your Inner Creative Power Can Ease Your Pain

Do you believe you are creative?

What if you don’t feel like you have an ounce of creativity?

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to be able to express ourselves openly and without judgment.

Children don’t care if they make a mess. All they want to do is experiment with different materials and textures and create their “sandcastles” and play freely.

The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture our emotional health. The first years of our life can significantly enhance the development of creativity and have an impact on everything that we do in life. At this stage in life, children are at their best to receive from parents, society and their inner imagination, messages that will enable them to express creativity freely without judgment and preconceived ideas.

I’m inviting you to listen to the presentation below to explore further how you can unleash your own creativity. I truly believe that we are all creators in a body and it’s within us to become aware of this gift and release it into the world.

Presentation Takeaways:

What causes Creativity?

  • CONFIDENCE: The ability to question without fear. To be sure of yourself and your abilities.

  • OBSERVATION: Seeing problems and ideas. The ability to notice things.

  • HUMILITY: Knowing that you don’t know everything. Do you ask for help when you need it?

  • MINDFULNESS: Thinking on how to think. Learning to embrace the present. Do you allow a hectic day to negatively affect your health, wellbeing and relationships?

  • CURIOSITY: Exploring and experimenting. Do you ask a lot of questions? “What if “, “Why?” and “How come?”

  • RESOURCEFULNESS: The ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. Something to tinker with.

  • ENERGY: To explore and tinker.

  • ACTION: NOT just thinking. but DOING. Do you get things done?

Daily habits to boost your creative power?

  • Unplug from distractions.

  • Find your happy space.

  • Meditate – Art expression guided meditation. Listen to the meditation at 25:03 minutes on the video and don’t forget to grab your blank piece of paper to jot down what has come up. Check out my other blog post where I show you that meditation doesn’t need to be hardcore

  • Get active – Exercise, movement, and activity are proven to expand creative thinking, brain processing, and memory.

  • Take a step back away from the problem. Solutions come from a place of detachment from the actual problem. If you are too much involved with the “problem”, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees and this will have a huge impact on the decisions and ideas to solve the issue.


On this presentation, I ask you to write a love letter to yourself. You can find this at 34:03 minutes of this video talk. To help you journal about your thoughts and what has come up in your meditation, follow these simple 5 steps:

  • Write it in the present tense. I am… I have… I am living my life on my own terms. I’m painting my canvas the way I want.

  • Use inspiring and empowering words. They can change the course of your desires… Words are Powerful!

  • Feel it passionately. Feel it with your heart and not your head. Let your emotions run free and take over the writing.

  • Quite your mind so that you can listen to what your heart is feeling. What is it saying to you? 

  • Be prepared to make mistakes and move on.

Let me know in the comments what you’re going to do to unleash your creative power?


Mind Numbing Facts About Pricing Your Coaching Business

Pricing is irrelevant in your coaching business,

When these mind-numbing facts about pricing happen…

There are two schools of thought when it comes to putting your prices on your coaching website especially if you are a Coach. The reason is that what you deliver as a coach can be so intangible and also requires a level of commitment from your client to achieve the results that they want. You are not providing a tangible product or service. The results are all dependent on what your coaches achieve and their progress.

So, self-doubt strikes. You continuously ask yourself what shall I do?

And based on this, here are my own thoughts about this controversial topic…and hopefully, you will see that actually PRICE becomes irrelevant when this happens. I also know that there isn’t a right or wrong way of doing this. I’m a free spirit when it comes to strategy but it needs to feel good to you and only you. Pricing strategy is not that different!

The reason why I put my prices on my website or anywhere online is…

I got nothing to hide and want to be very transparent on how I run my business so saying that, it comes to reason that I would at least say that my fees start at X. On the other hand when you have your prices visible you immediately repel those that can’t afford your services and are just looking for another freebie information.

Clarity is a must when you know exactly what you deliver to your audience and what your audience is looking for. Do you have an attractive offer in place? The one that you know your audience needs and wants. The trick is to figure out what they want and deliver what they need. To help you with this, download my free workbook where I show you how to create an Attraction Lead Magnet and start building your TRIBE.

When your online presence reflects your personality and talks directly to your audience’s needs and wants, price is irrelevant. They resonate with your message and they will follow you because they are interested to receive more from you. You are solving their problem bit by bit and they are eager to know more.

Continuously nurturing your prospects with generous value on a consistent basis so that you can be present in their minds when they finally make the decision to buy. The commitment to pay the price of your packages might take time. Buying decisions are different from everybody. Some see the value straight away whilst others are more cautious in their decisions.

Your audience needs to know you, then like you and finally trust you. One way you can do this is through blogging. I have an article that will help you to start blogging on your WordPress website.

Show up consistently online and you will attract your audience.

Leading by example, supporting and sharing your expertise (some say “serving”), you are building your credibility. Therefore, when your credibility and authority is established, the price becomes irrelevant. They know that you are the best person to solve their problems and help them progress. Your audience needs to believe what you sell and most important know WHY you do what you do.

Pricing your group program is always a hurdle, not only in the actual meaning of a real price point or currency value but also the self-doubt that arises at any given time during the build of it.

You start questioning “is this worth what I’m asking for?” or “who will pay this price?” or “I must pack it with a lot of value to be worth their while!”. These are all valid questions that are going around in your mind.

I know because at mid-launch mode, I also questioned my prices and how much I charged for my programs and it takes a series of dig deep exercises to get me focused on the results I’m delivering and suddenly the price stumbling block is not valid anymore.

In the 1st Module of the Radical Launch System, the Build module we tackle exactly this “money game” and how to determine your group program pricepoint. In addition, in our laser coaching sessions, you will be given space to voice your concerns and give you the confidence to charge what you want.

After all, when you have your own membership site, your PRICE is your CHOICE. My recommendation would be to start at a lower price point and then gradually increase the price. The other way around just won’t give a lot of trust to the current members if you suddenly started lowering your prices.


The price doesn’t really matter if it’s on your website or not so why not put it in there and drive people for a call with you to further establish the relationship and to see if indeed you both are a good fit to work together. When your audience has seen enough of you and they are ready to invest, they will BUY!

This means that when they come on the call with you there will be no awkwardness. They already know how much you charge and if it’s what they need to move forward then the decision is easier and clearer. Above all, just keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate the situation. Often times is the simple things in life that matter the most.

Now over to you, Do you agree? Have you questioned or doubted putting your pricing on your website before? Are you comfortable with what you are charging for your packages?




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