Your Thoughts Can Slow You Down or Set You Free

The day that you become aware that your thoughts matter, everything will shift for you!

Your thoughts can indeed slow you down or set you free to confidently do what you desire. The “thoughts” you’re having right at this moment are called your “inner chatter”. It is that power within you that can guide you towards what you want to achieve in your life or your business.

“With great power, comes great responsibility” and this is true for you too!

When you start to dig deep into the power within you and erase your l, you will become more aligned with what you want to achieve in your business and life.

I am NO exception to this rule!

At the beginning of this year, I made my #intentionsetting. Intentional and purposeful and a bit different from what I would have done in previous years. I started the year with this question: What type of person I want to show up as and who I want others to see me as? My answer was straight from the heart…

… is a type of person that is trustworthy, smart, inspiring, creative, tenacious, adventurous and funny, I mean very funny!

Allow positive thoughts to come to me so that I am attracting impactful and positive outcomes for myself, my team and my clients!

I am aware that my thoughts can slow me down or set me free!

Having positive thoughts can provoke positive feelings which in turn will inspire me to take positive action. However, just having positive thoughts is not enough. You must feel it at a visceral level and then take action to put those positive thoughts into place. Watch the video above to find out what I’ve done to rewrite the belief that “I don’t deserve to be successful” thoughts and emotions I was feeling.

At the beginning of each year, I visualise what I want to achieve and I love to have a word(s) to keep me focused. So, I visualised my goals into 3 little words. Sometimes the smallest of words have a greater powerful meaning.

BE visible on live streams so that I can impact more people in 1 go. The limiting belief I was having, was keeping me small for fear of disapproval and judgement from others. Was it serving me? Not at all! In order to know what I stand for in my business, I have to be visible and talk about what I stand for. I want to BE a leader in my community… My Radical Tribe! 

ME time – More me indulgences, self-development, family time and doing more of what I love such as painting, creating amazing membership signature programs for my clients. When I do what I love to do, I perform better, I’m more motivated and my clients are happy because I am reflecting a positive image.

WE ~ I want to increase my team because together, empowering our clients we achieve massive progress towards excellence. I thrive to empower my team to do the best they can be. We can also be, empowering other groups. I am super passionate about working with groups hence my passion for teaching and guiding coaches and educators to build their signature membership programs.


You matter and if you are not in a good state of mind, loving what you do… you won’t PROGRESS. Let me know what is your word or words for the year and what are your goals. What do you want to achieve with your business?

Stand Strong for What You Believe

Are you standing strong for what you believe?

The challenge is to be super clear in what you actually believe! Once you overcome your B.S. [Belief System] everything else starts to become so much more meaningful in your business and life.

When you start believing in yourself, others will start listening and believing in you too! Mind the words that you say as these have meaning and vibrate at an inner level.

Watch my live stream below and discover what you must do to overcome the state that you may be feeling at the moment! You’ve been conditioned all your life to this B.S.

I’m going to call on your BS and I’m just going to be really honest with you because this has actually happened to me!

Our belief systems are instilled into us from a young age.

Whatever you’ve heard from your culture, your family and whatever was told to us to be true, that is all part of our belief system. The truth is that we didn’t know any better, we heard it from our peers and assumed that it is the “normal” way of acting and doing things in life. The thing is they’ve also heard and learnt from their peers and family so the cycle keeps going.

Have you ever heard these statements from your parents?

“You got to work hard to succeed in life” or “you must study hard and have a degree so that you can be someone in life”. Or perhaps you heard, “money doesn’t grow on trees and you have to work hard to earn lots and lots of money”.

These words that are said to us, play a huge role in how we advance in life. As children we listen to this, we trust the adults around us to tell us that this is true and so we move on into adult life with these limiting beliefs. Most of the time, it sucks… because it keeps us stuck and wondering what to do!

If by any chance you’ve been so fortunate that your parents, your family, your environment, people around you have always encouraged to believe in yourself. You’ve been told that is okay to fail, to experiment and try things along the way. This helps us to learn and put other things in place. Many of us haven’t been this fortunate to have our peers supporting and encouraging us through life.

I am definitely very “lucky”. My mum is a free spirit and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do things my way. My day on the other is more strict but to be honest I needed that in my life. He taught me how to BE strong-minded, BE disciplined and how to learn with a purpose.

Mum taught me that failing is necessary to progress in life. From both my parents I learnt that it’s ok to experiment and do things the wrong way in order to move forward and progress in life.

This is what I want for my children to understand and learn. I want them to believe in themselves even when resistance and self-doubt come about. I desire them to be able to rewrite their story and see their inner strength.

I totally understand that when your self-belief is ruined in some way, through your life, you must find the courage to overcome it. You can’t feast in sorrow and regret because this will destroy your life.

Because, for example, if you are starting your own business there will be limiting beliefs that will be knocking on your door! It happened to me…

Yes, I was excited but I was also very scared! That was when my B.S was tested to the limit. In the beginning, I was really excited because I knew I was going to start my journey and build something for myself. Constantly, I was telling myself that I was capable of doing it and knew enough to put things in place. Through learning. I found the tools and strategies to implement and made my fair share of mistakes.

Every day I would motivate myself with the right positive words to help me overcome my current reality. Unfortunately, I was doing it all on my own and then suddenly I started to compare myself with others and eventually doubting my own abilities. Another massive block was my need for perfection and my OCD need to have all in place before launching my offering.

I soon started to lose confidence in what I was doing and why I was doing it. Furthermore, I wasn’t being clear of what I was delivering to my audience and what I wanted for myself.

The moment you believe in yourself, others are going to start listening and believing in you too.

Listen to the words that you say! They have a huge impact on how you perceive life. Keep your words and thoughts as positive as possible. Whenever your mind starts playing tricks with you, be strong and silence your inner gremlins. Rewrite that negative story that you are telling yourself!

I learnt these four levels of disbelief through Jeff Walker. I love this concept!

Disregard these 4 levels in your B.S and it’s going to take you a while to communicate your message and whatever you want to deliver to your audience:

  • Whoever you’re selling to… They are not going to believe you!

  • Next, they won’t believe your “Thing“.

  • They don’t believe you can teach, mentor or coach your “Thing”.

  • And the biggie is… They don’t believe it’s going to work for them.

When you are working on your business on your own it’s quite challenging to really focus on your journey and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, there are four levels of disbelief that others are going to have towards you when you start selling your packages or when you start showing up for your audience

The first one is that they are not going to believe you, and this sometimes is a “reflective mirror” because you don’t believe in yourself neither.

You see, They are reflecting the same kind of emotional feelings that you are experiencing right now.

So they’re not going to believe you until you believe in yourself. And, they’re not going to believe what you want to sell to them because there’s a lack of disbelief within you.

Secondly, they won’t believe, what’s your “thing” and whatever you’ve to offer.

They’re not going to believe that your “thing” is going to transform their lives and give them the results they want.

Consequently, they are also not going to believe that you can teach, mentor or coach “your thing”.

It’s a chain of events because due to what I spoke earlier, ultimately they don’t actually believe it’s going to work for them.

Until you speak up and show up with confidence and work on your belief system, you’ll always project an image that is not going to show them trust and certainty. You must lead by example and show them that whatever they want to achieve is possible. However, this will only be possible by repeating yourself and communicating your true message to the world.


There are two elements that you must work on a daily basis. The first one is your Mindset which counts for 80% of your business success. You might have heard this before! It’s true my dear friend. Once you start eradicating your old limiting beliefs and start calling in new ones, your life will shift 360 degrees. Mine has totally with the help of my coach and my peer support groups.

Lastly, YOU MUST SHOW UP. How do you want the world to know you if you don’t show up and speak up about your message, values and what you stand for? Get up the tallest building of life itself and shoutout from the rooftop:

This is what I stand for and truly believe in_____________ [Fill in the blank with your own words]

For a very long time, I’ve been hiding behind the scenes and not showing up, I am stepping into these waters again. These murky waters of the digital world! It’s noisy out there. And there are a lot of people doing the same as you, but they’re not doing it as you do it. Today, I leave you with this message to inspire you to rewrite your story and change the words you are thinking and saying.

I truly believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

Do you want to talk about this in confidence? I’m here for you. Let me know in the comments if you want to explore your own B.S.

5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Creative Power

Do you find yourself running out of ideas? Feeling insecure about what to create?

Or even have you ever told yourself “I’m not creative at all!”.

I truly believe that we are all Creators in a body and therefore what you might perceive as being creative, might not be serving you anymore. Are you possibly taking it for granted and disregarding this ability? Are you not seeing the greater picture?

Become aware that your creativity will allow you to think, feel and be a Creative Goddess.

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to be able to express ourselves openly and without judgment.

The thing is that at the moment you believe that you are NOT creative! Maybe, others around you have told you that you’re not and so you have been accepting this as the truth and living your life as others want you to.

In a stressful moment and in times when we have too much in our head, there isn’t flow. Therefore and amongst other things creativity doesn’t flow and it’s not present. We retreat into our little cocoon and hold on to our safety net!

So, in order to have a continuous flow, we must consistently create an unfamiliar daily habit so that with time it turns into a “familiar” habit which we are confident with having in our lives. In order to create a habit, however, we need to make a commitment to ourselves and make a promise to stay consistent doing it on a regular basis. It won’t happen overnight and it will take persistence and focus so that you’re able to shift your energy vibration.

So, what can you do to boost your creative power?

These are some techniques that I’ve used over time that has worked for me. Feel free to adopt or adapt some of them to suit your needs.

5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Creative Power

Unplug from distractions

The online world can be very noisy and therefore we must find ways of switching off from our devices and recharge. I remember a time that I was glued to my mobile like an addict. I needed to be on it 24/7 as if I was going to miss out on something. Others were asking me: “Sofia, do you ever sleep?”.

It was exhausting so I ought to do something about it to restore my sanity. It all started when I went on a road trip with my family that I truly unplugged and allowed my assistant to take charge of my activities. I stopped controlling everything and I loved it. I started to enjoy other meaningful things around me.

Find your happy space

Do you have a place that you retreat to and you feel so good that when you come back from it, you feel energized and super happy? Mine is the beach and the sea. I love escaping to the beach and reflecting. Maybe it is the sea breeze or just the sensations of feeling the sand tickling my feet. All I know is that when I return home I’m a different person. Do you have a happy place? The mountains? Is it a forest? Or just your back garden?

Meditate to Alleviate

Since I started doing regular meditations, my life and myself have completely changed. Coming from a buzzing and demanding corporate life, it took me years to focus on my own business. And so, when I discovered the power of guided meditations, I started to see and feel a shift within myself. Have you tried it? What has been your experience with it? In order to get more creative, productive and focused I often listen to this guided meditation from Marisa Peer – Morning Meditation For Productivity, Focus & Energy. 

Get Active

Exercise, movement, and activity are proven to expand creative thinking, brain processing, and memory. So true though… even just going for a walk for 30 minutes sends the right signals to your brain and keeps you in the right state of mind for the rest of the day. What I normally do is dance weirdly to some uplifting music to get my creative juices flowing! Ahhhh so good. Funny enough, it is keeping you fit too. Whenever I find that I’m stuck in what I want to create, build or do… I dance and sing along. Let me know if you tried this to boost your creative power?

Take a step back

Now, this is crucial… take a step back away from the problem that you are currently experiencing. Do you find yourself going around and around in circles without finding the solution to whatever challenge you are facing? Let me reassure you that you are not alone! I’m often in this situation. Therefore I have to step away from my computer, social media and oftentimes step away from people so that I can focus on certain ideas for some projects that I’m doing. Don’t take me wrong I love people and I can’t imagine myself without people around me. However, I need to retreat to boost my creative thinking so that I can better perform. 

It’s a Wrap

I hope that some of these practices will help you to boost your creative power. Most importantly is to start today with creating a consistent daily habit that you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t need to be all of these that I mention above. Start small and build it up as you go along your journey of discovery of your creative powers. Remember that once you were a child and there was nothing stopping you from imagining and just creating your sandcastles without the pressure of all being perfect.

Let me know in the comments what are you going to put in place?

Internal and External Problems, Coaches Face on a Daily Basis

From 1 to 10 score, how important do you believe it is to build foundations for your business?

I’m going for a 9 but it wasn’t like that for me in the beginning. Surprisingly, there are many others who still disregard these crucial pillars for their business. I have been guilty of this and it is okay. We only know what we know when we navigate the murky waters of our Entrepreneurial journey. Besides in the beginning, we just want to keep going, look busy and get clients.

Without these points though, it will take you a bit longer to achieve what you want (before you throw in the towel and return to your corporate life).

I urge you to start by focusing on taking small steps into getting clarity in the following topics.

  • Who are you selling to? I don’t mean a huge group of people as I did in the beginning because I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to target anybody.
  • Why do you do what you do? And most relevant, dig deep into why would your potential clients need your services. More about this in another article called We Live In Our Heads.
  • What are the inner and outer challenges of your ideal audience? What are they feeling, thinking and doing? How does their external world look at them? I’m going to talk further about this.
  • What do you provide your clients? Have you done your Client Journey Roadmap? These are steps that allow them to go from where they are now to where they want to be?
  • What is your positioning statement? How do you want others to see you? How are you behaving to uphold your brand values and mission?
  • What is your passionate message? Yes, the one that speaks directly to your potential audience and solves their nagging problems!

However, all of these things I mentioned previously, they all require you to gain clarity around the Internal and External problems that your audience is facing at the beginning of their journey.

I don’t know about you but it has taken me quite some time to tune into my audience soul’s wishes and understand exactly how they are feeling, what they are saying on a regular basis, doing or maybe not doing. What keeps them up at night and what lights them up! If I were you, I would do this first because once you start to know and understand their nagging challenges, everything else will fit into place. Your messaging will be on point, you’ll be able to offer the services that they want and you will be seen as an authority and an expert in your market.

Make sense? Good, let’s move and focus on the 2 main challenges they are facing.

Firstly, we have the Internal Challenges.

These are the nagging thoughts and emotions that are swirling inside their minds. The ones that keep them up at night and that makes them sick to their stomach. Do you know that pain? I know it well! I was physically in pain with all the stress of having to drag myself to my JOB. One day I had to call an ambulance because I thought I was having a heart attack. The paramedics examined me and they gave me the all-clear but the pain was still there.

Maybe you can relate to this list of Inner problems:

  • “Who is going to listen to me?”, “I’m no expert in the matter” or “I don’t know enough to make an impact”. ~ Self-doubt
  • “I don’t have enough followers to build a group community”. ~ Lack of confidence
  • “What if my members don’t engage and my group is too quiet?” ~ Low self-esteem
  • “OMG what the heck am I going to charge for my programs” ~ Unworthiness 
  • “I’m too creative and I bounce from one idea to the next” ~ Lack of focus
  • “This online malarkey is just too hard” or “I’m so frustrated with all the technology I need to build my business” ~ Technophobia
  • “Where am I going to find my next paying client?”, “I can’t sell to save my life” or “What if nobody buys from me” ~ Money Blocks
  • “I’m a one-woman show, I don’t have the money to hire anybody yet” or even “I don’t know where to find the right people to work with” ~ Scarcity Mindset
  • “What if I fail and have no choice but return to my 9 to 5”, “What will my ex-workmates say”, “I’m a lost cause…I’m a failure” ~ Fear of Failure
  • “What if I’m judged and criticised for what I do or say?” ~ Social Anxiety

Finally, then we have the External Challenges that my audience is facing on a regular basis.

These are outside their control and influenced by external sources. This occurs when your mind is stuck in the “HOW” and you are desperately seeking a solution. You perceive that building the foundations of a business is a one fits all strategy and you believe that you should do the same as your competitors or people doing the same as you. Nowadays, the way you run your business is flexible and the more you infuse your passionate personality into it, the more chance people will be attracted to what you sell in your business.

  • CASHFLOW – How do I get a consistent monthly income and more clients?
  • OUTSOURCING – How do I build my team or outsource some tasks?
  • DEPENDENCY – “My 1:1 is starting to be exhausting and I’m lacking the free time to do other things in life”, “How do I transition from 1:1 to a group model?”
  • SCALABILITY – “How do I grow and scale my business?”
  • LEARNING CURVE – “What marketing strategies shall I use for my business?”, “Someone says one thing and another says something different” or
  • TECHNOFOBIA – “How do I build my site?”, “What tools shall I use” or “How to build an automated business and earn money while I sleep”

It’s a Wrap

Why is it important to know the internal and external problems of my audience? Well, the more you know about the pain that they are going through the easier it will be to craft your packages and services. So, for example in my case, I know that my ideal prospect has limited technology skills and very little interest in doing it all herself.

This is what she says to me… “I just want to coach, Sofia!”

I also know that they want to impact more people in one go hence the group program model. She wants to transition from trading time for money to grow her community through the power of groups. Having that in mind, I’ve created the Radical Launch System where TOGETHER we will turn your group program vision into a reality and help you achieve phenomenal results and highly target audience to your membership group programs. It’s a combination of Done with You and Done for You package which makes it completely free of tech limitations. 

Are You Ready For A Mind Revolution

I can’t believe that 2020 has finished and it’s a New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

What are you visualising to happen this year?

Every year people make “Resolutions”, infinite wishes that they are going to quit their 9 to 5 or they’re going to find a new job or that they are going to start a new business… only to find themselves in 2 months time in the same place as they were before.

I know how you must feel the same because I’ve felt exactly the same as you are feeling right now!

Until I decided that…

I wasn’t going to make any more “Resolutions” but instead, I started a “Mind Revolution”. Yes, in my mind because until you make a decision to make your dreams materialise, nothing else is going to work.

You must believe that you can and then you’ll start your journey of putting things in place to achieve it. Simples? Nah, not really because your mind will trick you and it will try and keep you safe at all costs.

I will be lying to you if I said that working on your mindset is easy and you’ll be cured of all evil. It’s an ongoing work and the trick is to actually trick that inner voice gremlin that says you can’t. However, for that to happen you need to smash your internal limiting beliefs and make a “Mind Revolution” and say NO to being perfect and instead take imperfect action. Stop being scared of being successful (success looks different to everybody!) or even scared of failure. When you fail you are learning with your own mistakes and improve for next time.

The more you say to yourself I’m not valuable enough, I don’t know what I already know, others will judge me or that you haven’t in YOU to actually DO it… all this negativity is keeping you small and not helping you at all.


If you want to turn these thoughts around and start your business with foundations and a purpose, I encourage you to book your call with me and let’s talk about your dreams and desires and finally make it happen.

I want you to become your own boss fearlessly! So, click the link below to book a call! Your time is now, not tomorrow!

Schedule a Call

Don’t make a New Year’s resolution…make a revolution in your decision to make it happen.

Let’s make a Mind Revolution

Sofia xx

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