Less is More

Less is definitely more when we talk about building your group program content.

You don’t want to overwhelm even more your clients with unnecessary content that will leave them exhausted and frustrated.

Our first unconscious reaction is to overload our membership programs with as much content as possible for fear of not giving enough. Let me tell you that this is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. I didn’t do the research! 

“The simpler we keep what we deliver the quicker our clients achieve the results.”

All you need to have in mind is know exactly where they are right NOW… and understand where they want to be at the end of your program and reverse engineer all the steps. 

Your content will be created around the stages that take them from Step A to Step Z. However, built and created in a way that is not overwhelming and exhausting. Who doesn’t want that, SIMPLICITY not COMPLEXITY!

You must have heard the saying “Less is More” and this is definitely the case when you’re structuring your group program content.

A big mistake I made when I built my 1st group program was to pack it with so much content that it became very overwhelming for me to deliver and for my group members to consume it.

You see the problem is that in your mind you have to be aware of what is enough, what solves the problem without adding more struggle onto it.

Reality is that you must know exactly what they want so that you can give them what they need in a way that they will see the results.

So when I became aware of exactly what they wanted, it becomes easy to create content around that. You’ll become more focused on crafting content that has a purpose or not just fluff to fill your programs.

The 2nd Stage of the RLS process is to create content with a purpose…to get them where they want to be. 

In a previous blog post I’ve shown you that in order to design your program/course content, you need to ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Why does your client want to achieve the outcome?

  2. What will help them along the way?

  3. What benefits will they get in each program session/module?

Then, we get to work and dive deep into:

We must find out in great detail the expectations of our members and for that, we need to do our research.

Don’t assume you know what they want. You need to ask them and only by asking you’ll understand what they want.

  1. DO the research and brainstorm what you have already. You will be surprised with what you already have.

    What do they want?

  2. What content will you be presenting?

  3. Do you have structured content that you could easily convert into a group program?

  4. Are the topics relevant to their journey? What are the stages of your content?

  5. List all of the common struggles your ideal audience or clients share with you?

  6. Is there something you easily do that others find difficult?

  7. Do you have a niche for your coaching business? What is your mission statement? 

And finally… ask these questions when you finally start creating your content:

  1. What is your process that you take your clients from A to Z?

  2. Are there specific stages you use to get results with your clients that you repeat with every single client?

  3. What are the different steps within this process and how could you break them down into material for different sections?

  4. What makes you or your process different, better and more effective? How does your audience like to learn? Are they visual learners like me or auditory, kinaesthetic learners or even intrapersonal learners? 

  5. What are the outcomes that your members will experience after attending your program? What are they thinking, feeling and saying?

I present you a quick presentation from a recent webinar which goes more in-depth on all mentioned above. Enjoy!

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What are your struggles with creating content for your group programs and/or online courses?

Do you really need to find your audience or is there an easier way?

This article is for you if you know already who you are talking to online, you’re aligned with your niche and know who is your audience…

However, you are probably still wondering where to find your tribe. Do you really need to find your audience or is there an easier way?

When you have your niche and your target audience all figured out this article is going to help you find them and discover where are they hanging out.

I get this question often from Coaches. They know who they are targeting but still struggling with the fact that they can’t find them.

The truth is, you will only find your audience when this happens:

  • You’re aligned with your niche
  • Your “Journey” message is authentic & clear
  • You’re passionate about what you do
  • and when you know who you’re talking to
  • Then… magic happens

“They will find You”. Simples! ~ Sofia Reis

Then the Journey begins…

Here are some ideas to start asking yourself and implementing some actions that are going to get you close to where they are:

Who are you searching for?

When you have clarity on your niche and exactly what you provide i.e your offer packages, searching for your ideal client becomes much easier. Start by searching what your competitors are doing so that you can have an idea of the type of content they are sharing and which ones have more engagement. Do appropriate searches for partnerships/collaborations you want to work with and also search for relevant keywords and hashtags in your niche. 

Start Conversations

What does your audience want?

Conversation starters are a great way to know exactly what your audience is struggling with. When you find them or they find you, the next step will be to start engaging in conversations with them on a regular basis. Yes, you must step out of your comfort zone and find the courage to make the first step into those conversations otherwise how can others know about what you do and how can they know if you’re right for them or the other way around.

On the list below I’m giving you a few ideas that you can put into place to find new customers

In the above video, I talk in more detail about other strategies so that it helps you get you out of your comfort zone and become more visible online. I know that you are very creative but you feel like all your great ideas are not organised and so you hold your breath and don’t follow through. The ripple effect is that if you are not visible and engaging with your audience, they will never know how to find you and what you’re passionate about doing.

I just want to reassure you that there is another way and you don’t have to hide. You can start by gaining clarity and start organising your content in a simpler way. You are probably already sitting on such much content nuggets and you don’t even know about it. This is how your audience will find you, through your amazing content and also your own Story. I leave you again with some great ideas to spice up your content marketing strategy.

  • Get clear on your social media goals
  • Your audience will find you through your content
  • Create content buckets…get creative…tap into your story
  • Allocate time to be LIVE and do your spontaneous posts
  • Check the optimal times when your audience is online
  • Use different types of content. Mix & Match
  • Post content that is interesting to your audience in the format that they like (images, videos, links, blog posts, webinars) and on-brand.
  • Schedule posts for consistency and increased visibility, leaving more time to engage with your audience and do the odd spontaneous content creation and live video. 
  • Schedule directly on some platforms and use 3rd party apps for others
  • Use content that you already have and re-purpose

How are you going to attract them?

When you find out what your audience wants, you give them what they need.

Your concern about wanting to FIND YOUR AUDIENCE is valid but in reality, when you have your messaging nailed on, your ideal audience will find you instead. As long as you are being consistent, focused on what they want and show up. Then your story and your content journey are going to lead your audience to you. When this happens you need to be ready and have your “Attraction” Lead Magnet in place or have An irresistible offer that they can’t refuse. 

Let me know in the comments if this has helped you in finding some clarity to how you’re going to find your audience? Join the Launch 2 Exit 9 to 5 on Facebook and share which strategies you are going to implement.


Membership Sites are Growing at an Enormous Rate

Membership websites are booming!

They really are growing at an enormous rate and they will continue to rise.

If for example, you have an offline business which provides local networking events, live workshops or even you’re delivering an amazing conference at a spectacular manor hotel, it can feel daunting that the current circumstances (i.e the global pandemic) will throw a “spanner in the works”. Now, you are faced with finding an alternative to deliver your event. So, you might be thinking of transitioning online but the question is…

“Where do I start?” or even “will a membership model be a good fit for my business?”

This is when the fun starts for me and the challenges start for you. The problem of “where to start” will definitely paralyse you because all the planning and setup that you’ve put in place already for your events, needs to be restructured and relaunched. You probably have a million ideas floating around in your mind but all you can think about is “where to start planning all this or will it actually work?”

This is where membership sites come into play and it could be the answer to all your problems.

The possibilities are truly endless. By applying some creative thinking and planning, you can turn your offline event, program or even your current 1 on 1 coaching business, online. This will give your paying members a safe portal where they feel supported, accountable and able to learn and access all your valuable information.

It just takes a bit of creative thinking, tenacity and willingness to keep it SIMPLE!

However, when I say keep it simple, I don’t mean choose the less expensive option.

Far from it… every time we are building our business foundations, we need to look at tools and resources that are going to make our life simpler and easier. So, such tools come with a price tag. Memberships are platforms that are going to allow you to build your Foundation Systems faster so that you can achieve a sustainable and scalable business.


According to a recent article from MemberPress, membership site income is the future of the online digital world. I totally agree with this and have been educating my audience towards this.

However, membership sites do not come CHEAP at all. The amount of technical work involved requires web developers and designers to put it all together for you. Also, this is not a DIY option. The level of technical expertise has to be outsourced so that you get a stable system.


As long as you have a knowledge or skill to teach which others want to master, you will have the potential to turn it into a membership site.

The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to the type of membership site layers it can have. For example, I help Coaches and Creative Entrepreneurs build group membership programs that generate a consistent client base and cash flow. I do this by saving them time and handling all the tech “nuts and bolts” for them.

I sometimes jokingly say that “I take the eeeek out of tech”. If you want to find out more, I’m inviting you to jump on the membership “bandwagon” and seize the opportunity by Building Your Group Program while Escaping Your 9 to 5.

Let me know in the comments If you ever wondered if your business model could transition into a membership system?



10 Terrible Mistakes I’ve Made When I Launched My First Group Coaching Programme

10 terrible mistakes I’ve made when I launched my first group coaching programme.

You don’t really need to repeat them, trust me.

I remember the time that I was so eager to create an offer for my audience that I didn’t even think of these mistakes that I made but good thing is that you don’t need to…

Let’s Dive in…

1 – I was a “Jack of all trades and a master of none”.

In the beginning, I was literally marketing to everybody’s and not focusing on my ideal audience. So the expected happened, I become a generalist and neglected the need to be a specialist. You see, when you don’t position yourself in a specific market segment and provide the solutions that your audience is seeking, your message becomes dilute and without meaning. When you specialise in what they want, you become known for that speciality.

2 – I forgot to ask my audience what they wanted and instead I just created something that I thought they wanted.

In my defence, maybe I didn’t ask them because, in the first stages of my business, I didn’t know-how. Engaging with others on social media is such a different “beast” then networking face to face. The trick is to keep the conversations fluid with those that want what you have to offer.

I had to change my interaction strategy in social groups. I started to be present, give value and asking them questions which allow me to create content around the solutions. Children ask questions all the time because they want to find out the solutions so why would it be different for adults? Only by asking relevant questions, you can assess if there is a need for the solution.

3 – Stressing about having everything perfect. Nothing is perfect dear Coach and that is the truth and a costly mistake.

Stressing about having everything perfect was my next mistake. The thing is that nothing is perfect and neither you would want it this way. Being perfect, keeps you stuck wondering how you can do everything better. Unfortunately, that keeps you from moving forward.

It makes you question your worth, how valuable you are to others and to yourself.

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people,” wrote Anne Lamott

Being a perfectionist I always wanted my ideas and decisions would be validated and praised. I would be waiting for that voice in my head to say: “Yes go for it, It’s fine” but the “fine” was not enough, I needed more reassurance until the day that I became aware that “what if I do and fail”, “What if it’s not perfect in my eyes, would anybody else notice it”.

To help me see the value of what I was doing I started an exercise (given by my Coach), and I would love for you to do the same. Write down in your journal daily for 10 consecutive days. If you can do longer the better! It takes around 21 days to create a new habit.

I AM valuable when [fill the blank] because [fill the blank]
I added value when [fill the blank] because [fill the blank]

This exercise is going to make you think about the little daily things you do that you take for granted which you don’t consider “perfect”, they just are and you have disregarded them in your life. It all sums up to this sentence. “Don’t get it PERFECT, get it DONE”

4 – Yep rookie mistake… I forgot to do the research.

I was convinced that I knew exactly what my audience wanted. However, I was wrong?
I forgot to ask my audience what they wanted and instead, I just created something that I thought they wanted.

Yup, rookie mistake… I forgot to do the research so what happened was that my content and my message was not resonating with anybody. Yes, some call it CRICKETS but I like to call it NADA! It wasn’t until I changed my perspective and started focusing on exactly what she wanted that I started to attract amazing clients and start creating the solutions that they were seeking.

5 – I wasn’t speaking the same language as my audience and my message was all twisted… painful right? This is what we call “white virtual noise” and I was doing plenty of this one. Oh man, I sounded so corporate!

My audience didn’t hear me because I wasn’t using the right words and therefore my message wasn’t resonating. I was still using corporate jargon and nobody listens to that.

6 – Possibilities were passing me by! I thought I could do it all alone but that was blinding me to opportunities.

I needed to redo my website and membership site. I wanted to send emails to my list and guess what? I did it! I had to put together all the group coaching programme content. I plugged all the tech. I created all the images and graphics. I built all prelaunch elements, launch and post-launch content, and guess what? I did that too.

Funny, can you see how everything got so busy? I was doing it all alone and to be honest I was stressing out completely. Again, I wasn’t focusing on my zone of genius. Possibilities were passing me by. I thought I could do it all alone but that was feeling me with dread and make me invisible to other opportunities.

You don’t have to do it all alone, find a Guide that is going to take you where you want to be faster not harder. While I was messing about with all the tech because let’s face it, I love it, what happened was I wasn’t focusing on the most important elements of my business. I wasn’t creating a system.

Busyness creates more busyness.

7 – I was a total control freak!! 

Behaviours and patterns I’ve carried from my 9 to 5 were leaving me stuck and overwhelmed. All I was thinking was that “I had to do it all if I wanted a job well done”. You see when you work in corporate for that long, it’s hard to let go of the control and this is something we need to learn and shift. This led me to my next costly mistake.

8 – I was more tired than when I was working for somebody else.

The fact that I wanted to control every single moving part of my business, left me exhausted. Actually it wasn’t until 3 years later that I have started to outsource some of my tasks. I finally employed an assistant and started growing my team. Yes, I should have done it sooner but the as I always say: “Better later than never”, right?

9 – I wasn’t at all happy because at the end of the day I wasn’t taking care of number UNO.

I ignored the most important person in your business… ME. You see, I used to put myself 2nd all the time and making sure that everybody was happier than me, was taken care of. I still don’t like to say it but when I started to be more selfish with it incredible shifts took place. It’s true that your business is a reflection of you and when I become aware of this and started making changes within me, I started seeing the RADICAL possibilities.

You see, the inner work is an ongoing JOB and once you become aware and accept your own limitations the sooner you move forward with the life you’re creating every day.

I was completely unaware that feeling unhappy was actually bringing me even more unhappiness. Like Esther Hicks has said on the last conference I’ve attended “Mind your words but most importantly mind the way you feel”. You get what you think about on a daily basis either you want it or not.

So, it is of vital importance that you calm your mind down, meditate and do the inner work.

10 – Finally, the “Biggie”.

I thought I was in control of my business…when in fact, I was faffing about aimlessly, frantically putting out fires (just like I used to do in my corporate JOB, duh!).

Why am I telling you all this… I don’t want you to go through what I’ve been through. It might sound cliche but I want you to succeed faster and for that to happen you need to allow others to help. Others that have been through what you are about to go through and accept guidance. That was the only thing that I did properly when I re-launched my group coaching program, I asked for help and suddenly not all was lost. I managed to learn from my mistakes and move forward.

The question now is… do you want to be guided by someone that has been through it or do you want to make those mistakes yourself on your own? I’m here for you if you want me to be your guide, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit for each other.

Nailing Your Ideal Audience will bring you more clients

Do you actually need an Ideal Audience and a specialist niche?

Yes and yes! Thousand times yes, but let me explain why you need it too.

I wished I had someone to get me clear on who I was talking to, aka my ideal client “Avatar”. That would have made my message so much clear and my life simpler! Unfortunately, it took me a while to finally “nail my niche” and my ideal audience. Well, I haven’t found out this on my own. I had some help from an amazing Business Coach. You see, it is very difficult for us to get clarity on this matter on our own. Due to the fact that we are our own worse enemy, we need help to overcome where we are struggling.

The reality at the time was that I wasn’t attracting my so-called “Ideal Audience” because I was literally marketing to everybody. I was, in fact, indirectly repelling everybody by not having a clear and concise “voice” that would speak to the hearts of my prospects. So my marketing message got diluted and lost in the vast sea of other business owners out there.

I was totally convinced that I could talk to everybody and solve everybody’s problems. How wrong was I? I am glad though that I’ve struggled for so long because that has given me the know-how and timeframe to study exactly what are the desires and wants of my audience.

There are many questions that you can ask yourself to seek clarity on who is your ideal audience and your niche. However, this article is not about giving you a list of those questions so that you can finally figure this out. This is a process that takes time and courage to dig deep within you so that you can uncover her/his true traits, personality, gifts, talents and purpose.

I want to empower you to start seeing that person so vivid in front of you. Visualise her every single day and start painting an image of her DESIRES and WANTS.

I would like to do a short visualisation exercise with you.

I would love for you to draw 2 columns and ask yourself a few simple questions after your meditation practice:

Close your eyes and take one deep breath… hold it for 5 seconds and exhale deeply. Repeat this 3 times. Now picture that ideal person in front of you and ask her these questions.

Firstly ask her: What is it that you desire more than anything? What do you aspire to be? What does the world around you look like? List everything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about perfection. Nothing is perfect, it just is.

For the second column list all that comes up for you when you ask her: What do you really want? What results do you want to achieve? What would that look like?

Go and have some fun now and draw your own “Ideal Client Avatar”. To help you on this journey, I’ve done my own on the Infographic below. Maybe some of the desires and wants I mention will resonate with your own journey.

Ideal Client – Action Taking Coach by Sofia Pacifico Reis

As my client Coach says over and over again:

Your client Avatar is always YOU… from a previous point in your life. You share the same values and beliefs and because you know how it feels like to be that ideal client, you can create a message that it’s going to resonate to their core. You’ve walked the day of the life of your ideal client. ~ Sanae Floyd

Powerful words said by Sanae Floyd. So, now it is your turn to start defining who exactly you want to be communicating your message to. I urge you to not talk to a variety of people when you are marketing your services. You are her best solution because you have been where she is now and therefore you are the best person to help her navigate the stormy waters. You are the Guide that she needs so that she can get to her destiny faster not harder.

I’m here for you if you want to chat and understand who you are talking to these days.


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