4 Secrets To Turning Your Passion Into Purpose

4 Secrets To Turning Your Passion Into Purpose

We often misunderstand our passion with our purpose.

Passion is within you. It’s what makes you feel bliss, ecstasy, and silly sometimes.

You’ve always been a passionate human being. Think back to when you were engrossed doing something that you loved so much that time would just standstill. How did you feel?

On the other hand, our purpose is something that we long for throughout our life journey, like a “calling”. It’s the reason why we do what we do.

Your passion is your Vision and your purpose is your Mission!

“I’m a Vision Builder and passionate about guiding you towards your “calling” so that you enjoy life to the fullest and feel bliss every single day”  ~ Sofia Reis

Your passion is your exciting and wild vision and your purpose is the reason why it needs to come out and become alive. Your purpose is to focus attention on what you really want in life so that you attain a meaningful and blissful life. When you’re blissful you are happy and in peace and nothing around you will affect that joyful feeling.

However, sometimes our passion delays our purposeful path. 

Allow me to explain. Have you ever wanted to create something so badly but let doubt get in your way?

Do you start questioning if you can actually achieve it? The impostor syndrome resurfaces and starts playing havoc with your purposeful “why”. 

You start comparing your work with others and thinking that “actually it’s not worth the effort” so you disregard it and get distracted with things that are familiar to you.

If so, welcome to the club!! You are not alone! 

If it wasn’t for the incredible peer support group that I have surrounding me, I would still be in the ZERO stage and not the HERO stage.

My purpose for so many years was to create a community of Radical Revolutionaries who want to grow together and thrive as a collective unit. 

But…I was holding myself back! I was full of passion but it wasn’t harnessed and I kept self-sabotaging!!  

Recently my coach called me out on my own BS and said some very truthful words that made me think seriously about what my self saboteurs are costing me.

I quote this amazing woman and incredible coach: ” You’re stupid because you have all of this knowledge inside of you and are not doing anything about it… you might as well pack up and go home. Seriously you’re holding yourself small and it’s a waste of time… if you don’t get out of your own way and serve the world like you’re here to do then I can’t help you and there’s no one that can help you.”

This pep talk was full of love and compassion though and I knew she just wanted to shock me out of my doubt!  But I’ll tell you something, this is exactly the type of authenticity I want to connect with my tribe at the Radical Maximiser Hub. 

As I’m embarking on a journey to realise my vision for 2022 I’m visualizing a community of Radical Revolutionaries who want to grow together and thrive as a collective unit. 

I’m sitting here thinking what would be the reason why entrepreneurs would benefit from a space like the one I want to create… And then I realized…It boils down to the single FACT that their passion is not allowing them to see their future self living to their full potential.

Are you ready to harness your passion and channel it into your purpose so that you can take focused action and build your dream without constant nagging doubt and self sabotage?  

Turning your passion into purpose is the ultimate bliss hack for humanity and these 4 Secrets will show you how:

The Four Secrets to Turn Your Passion into Purpose:

💗 Connectedness: Connecting your Passion with your Purpose so that you live up to your full potential. Without this, we’ll feel like something is always missing in our life. We feel a sense of “not belonging”, of emptiness and anxiety running through our body, mind, and soul. Connecting to what we love to be, do and have and finding the reason why it is important to us, gives us a feeling of accomplishment and achievement and attraction to others around us. Ask yourself this question every time you want to do something: Why is this important to me?

🤫 Powerful Influence: Imagine guiding others towards what “they love to do aka passion”. Wouldn’t that be just incredible? Leading a community that follows your guidance and is super focused on reaching their end results.  After all, isn’t that why you became a business owner/ coach?

👩‍🎓 Excellence: In order to excel in what you’re passionate about requires learning the skills you need to grow and progress. So, what better way if you are still in your 9 to 5 to learn while you earn? 

🥂 Championing: Celebrating one another and impactfully contributing to a better world around us, gives a sense of accomplishment that I can’t express in words. 

Let me be totally honest with you here. Is my vision perfect? NO, Does it matter? NO, Does my tribe need this? YES. And this is why I need to get out of my own way (just like my coach said) and find a way of giving it to them. 

Ultimately, I want you to see your vision so clear in your mind that there’s no doubt you are going to reach it and nothing is going to stop you. I want you to stand strong for what you believe and take radical action every day, even if it’s not perfect. 

Unfortunately for many creative entrepreneurs, this can be a long process, as our heads are filled with ideas and impatience. We want things to happen NOW! 

However, if we allow ourselves to dream about them in the now without worrying about how it’s coming true and just believing that it will… eventually we are living the life we’ve always dreamed about. Trust in yourself that it will become alive no matter what.

I leave you with my vision movie today to inspire you all to stop doubting yourselves and take inspired action every single day. 

The only person stopping you NOW is the one you look at in the mirror every single day… YOU.



The True Meaning of Family

One of my greatest personal values is family. 

The big F word… my world and my reason to live.

Ask anyone that knows me. I’m a lioness with cubs when I see and feel my loved ones are threatened or taken advantage of. I mean please do not mess with me!

A family does not only mean those there are bound to us by blood or DNA but also all who are strongly connected with us throughout our life.

My friends are family… my clients are family… my community is family and my pets are family.

The time for family to come together is soon approaching with the Christmas festivities. However, I also know that around the world many feel alone and lost on these special celebration days. Maybe they lack a strong bond with their family, not by choice but by fate. Especially the “children of this world”.

We must remember that we’ve all been children at some point so when I talk about children I’m referring to all of us. The inner child that we nurture inside of us and that somehow feels suppressed and alone at times.

Family can give us love but they can also give us pain and frustration.

I’m sure by now you have conjured a bunch of images and emotions in your head and heart about your family circle. I know I have… memories of laughter, happiness, joy, and safety and other moments of pain hurt grief, and frustration.

I know now that all these moments are necessary to make us grow, to allow us to evolve, and to forgive. I also know that those moments don’t define us and that only we are capable to change the course of the DNA nature by acknowledging those moments and embrace the change.

Even miles apart from your family, the bond is sacred and even though you don’t talk to your relatives on a daily basis, I know that they are always there to hold my hand and to comfort my heart and soul in times of need.

I found this poem by Deborah Bonner that expresses exactly the true meaning of family. I wanted to share it with you my friend and ask you a big favour today.

The True Meaning of Family

Family Love ~ Poem by Deborah Bonner

F is for the familiarity that we share, being aware of each other’s needs, understandingly having an insight of the situation, and not just talking about it, but showing that we care!

A is for absolutely with no reservations, no limitations, no one has to have any special qualifications, it is just because you’re you, your individuality that makes family so unique and true!

M is for family oh how mystically divine our love from the Father grows day by day. It is our heritage to be in constant communion with you oh Lord. Family love never breaks or bends to fake or condescending idle chatter, which sows discords of hatred among us. We are ever learning, building, and pursuing the one and TRUE God whose cross we share!

I is for all families intellectually gifted & girded up with strength, honor, persistence, endurance to withstand life’s storms!

L is for Limitless and family love has no bounds. Family love is immeasurable and endless. Family love is deeper than a bottomless pit, YES! it has no end. Family love is infinite in power, strength, and endurance, having unbounded patience because God created family love we have everlasting love, which cannot change!

Y is for the YOUTH, products of family love, for God has made you, pruned you, and molded you, for our future legacy awaits designed love proven by fire and unselfish desires.

L is for lending, for family love is ours for a short time, so work family love with all your might, don’t fight or complain, just keep love moving without any returns because being greedy God will not be please in thee! Family love lends your helping hands wherever and whenever without reservations, pushing family love forward into deep dark crevices for you will be a shining light on someone’s heart!

O is for Ocean as far as the eyes can see family love goes deeper than any sea. Family love will travel far and wide to rescue those in need. For God knows as a unit Family love aims to please and put everyone’s mind at ease.

V is for validation, family love won’t ever, ever be late. Family love can be trusted for sure as God watches over the family each day. The enemy that tries to harm family love will get busted and disgusted. There is no length to family love for there is a sure connection with Abba Father in heaven above.

E is for eternal, Family love is eternal when we love as God loves, family love patterns herself after the master, creator, our Lord and Savior, because only through his guidance and teaching Family love will never die! Family love will live on and strive to maintain God’s unity until we meet him in the sky!

I want to leave you with this message today. Connect with someone in your life that you see as family and share a moment together. Go be with that special someone and enjoy all the moments together.

I wish you a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true and remember don’t make resolutions make a revolution in your mind to make all happen in your life.

Experts Reviews about WP Membership Plugin: MemberPress

We’ve been building membership sites with the MemberPress plugin for a while now. Its simplicity, add-ons, and integrations make it one of the best WordPress plugins in the marketplace.

Building your own membership website is a great way to scale your business, help others master a skill, and build a thriving online community.

Here’s what some experts are saying about it:

WPBEGINNER ranks it number 1 and what I like about their review is that it gives you the PROS and the CONS of this plugin.

MAK gives us a deep dive into this membership plugin for WordPress:

This is a complete MemberPress Review. I cover everything you need to know about MemberPress including the MemberPress Courses add-on which absolutely free. MemberPress also has an amazing Divi integration which allows you to show content based on membership levels. I highly recommend MemberPress not only as a membership plugin but as an all-in-one online course platform.

Income School Tutorials tells us all about the Pros and Cons of this WordPress Membership Plugin – MemberPress

I have been using Memberpress for the last few years and have learned what it does really well and what it doesn’t do well.

What about the user reviews:

One thing is to give you expert thoughts about this incredible plugin and another is the opinions of real-life users. I believe this is important to listen to because it really gives you a truthful idea of whether they are liked or not.

So, I went fishing for some insightful reviews. Not that I need to be convinced of its functionality and usage but maybe you do. Capterra reviews have some MemberPress plugin reviews for you to have a look at.

Others are proudly saying:

“Comprehensive WordPress plugin”
Overall: I utilize MemberPress to form complex enrollment frameworks for nonprofits that require numerous enrollment levels at distinctive costs, counting the capacity to auto-renew enrollments and sending out robotized update emails. For numerous nonprofits, the administrative burden of overseeing participation can be choking. MemberPress makes so much of that work disappear.
Pros: Once set up, the plugin makes taking installments and keeping track of individuals a breeze. It’s all for the most part computerized, so there’s not much extra exertion that goes into collecting data, sending e-mail reactions, taking installments, etc.
Cons: There’s nothing I do not like. Maybe, as a recommendation, there can be a few preset styles for the member’s account dashboard in WordPress. In spite of the fact that it’s utilitarian and works impeccably, it’s maybe a bit essential in planning. It can be effortlessly customized with some HTML and CSS but this takes time and so presets would offer assistance with the plan handle.
“Solid solution for your membership needs ”
Overall: Great!
Pros: It does exactly what I need at a great price. If you need a membership solution and are using WordPress, I can definitely recommend MemberPress!
Cons: It can take a bit of figuring out to get set up and running. Overall, not to difficult though. They could provide more case uses and how to implement the software.
“Overall, an excellent product.”
Overall: It took some time setting everything up the exact way we needed it, but there are plenty of FAQs and video tutorials that got us there in a fair amount of time. Once set up, editing and tweaking certain things is easy. There haven’t been any issues with payments and debiting our members’ accounts. So far the software has worked exactly as it’s supposed. Overall, we are very happy and will carry on using MemberPress for the foreseeable future.
Pros: -Great support with in-depth FAQs and video tutorials. -No errors or glitches. Everything works the way I’ve set it up to. -Plenty of options and capabilities for what we need now and what we might even use in the future. So many features.
Cons: -Took some time to understand how everything works and to set up everything in the exact way that we needed to use it. -Limited payment gateway support.
Reasons for Choosing MemberPress: A wider range of key features that seemed important for our purposes and it was very highly recommended by other blogs and sites.
“MemberPress Courses is the best out there”
Overall: Overall it’s great once I got it working right with WooCommerce. There are things that can be improved but nothing is a problem right now where it’s too negatively affecting the experience.
Pros: The Courses addon is the main draw for me. It looks the best and is simple to use for the user.
Cons: It’s lack of good integration with WooCommerce. I have to use a 3rd party automation service to connect MemberPress Courses with my WooCommerce store and it’s still, not a problem-free solution. I wish they made real WooCommerce integration.
Switched From: LearnDash
Reasons for Switching to MemberPress: MemberPress was just much easier to use and set up. And it looks much better than Learn Dash.

And some not so good reviews 👀

“Waste of Time.”
Overall: Many hours were spent trying to make MemberPress do what it could not do. Although the product is good for a new business, it’s really bad for a decades-old one. We thought we would be able to load all the members in, apply a membership type to them and get a bill sent to them. But no, they all have to sign up individually. It’s ridiculous and costs us a lot.
Pros: The MemberPress Groups and Rules are easy to use.
Cons: When we bought MemberPress we thought we would be able to load our existing member database straight in. After a month of trying, MemberPress finally informed me that it was just not possible. All the members had to sign up individually via the website. This was a massive inconvenience. We haven’t completed the transition yet, but I know there will be a lot of members who just can’t be bothered and we will lose them. Our members are our bread and butter. So we have lost income by switching to your product.

Don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself?

No Problem. Doing it alone sucks anyways!

We have a 👉 Course Builders Package that is just perfect for your needs.

Do you want to leverage your expertise? Do you wish to turn your skills and knowledge into a beautiful, easy-to-navigate course for your audience?

Do you like the idea of automating your course for simplified sales and delivery? If so, this package is for you! We’ll build 3 online courses using MemberPress Courses Add-on [we’ll even create your sales pages if you need them] and automate the sales process using WordPress MemberPress Plugin.

The end-to-end customer journey will be streamlined and effortless so you stand out like a pro and your audience gets a great experience.

What’s included in the Courses Builder Package:

  • 3 courses layout templates with MemberPress Courses Plugin.
  • Creation of 3 sales pages for specific courses (if not available already).
  • Includes the API for the membership plugin.
  • Your structured content to be added to courses categories
  • Payment Gateway setup.
  • Course Progress Tracking.
  • Link with an email marketing provider of your choice.
  • One time payment fee: £997
  • All you need is to provide us with the content of the courses and we’ll do the rest. Peace of mind at your fingertips!

15 Hidden MemberPress Plugin Features That Will Make Your Life Easier – Part 3

We’ve covered all ten WordPress MemberPress plugin features already in previous posts:

Part 1 – Where I talk about membership levels, creating groups for upgrade and downgrade, rules, and coupons. The MemberPress plugin is very reasonably priced compared with others in the marketplace.

Part 2 – In this blog article, I talked about keeping your members in the loop, reporting, and managing your course and program users. I also showed you the different payment gateways, system emails, and email marketing integration.

Now, let’s finalize this topic with the last five features of this amazing WordPress membership Plugin. I’ve built a few membership subscriptions with this plugin and I love the flexibility and the range of integrations that it has with other 3rd party platforms. This means that you can automate your membership platform with other services to give you.

[Please note that new updated features have come out recently such as the introduction of MemberPress Courses]

11. Learning Management Systems Integrations:

What is LMS? It is a platform for digital learning. Let’s break it down…

L — Stands for Learning. With an LMS, you can create a place where you can store all your online courses and training materials. The new feature of MemberPress allows for this to be done quickly and easily.

M — Management. You can manage programs and/or courses and students. You can manage and generate reports to be assessed and to improve your business efficiency. An LMS is a well-organized system where you manage the training process.

S — System. A computer system, to be exact. An LMS automates the most boring and tedious work such as grading, processing statistics, and preparing reports. Plus, you can train your employees without leaving the office, managing all the processes right from your work computer.

In other words, an LMS is like your own online Academy or tutoring hub. The system allows you to store and create eLearning Courses, provides learners access to the content, and helps you evaluate the results. Beyond courses, this system is also used by coaches to store their knowledge and program content enabling them to leverage their time instead of constantly trading time for money. We go deep in setting this system in the Radical Launch System program, where I and my team offer a Done 4 You membership site development whilst we are putting together the meaty core content for your group programs.

NEW: You wish you had an online base like many other coaches and service-based businesses or even courses like look like Teachable and Thinkific. Well, now you can with the new and simple WordPress membership plugin that will give you the flexibility to create easily and without the overwhelm of expensive software.

  • No complex coding required

  • Course progress tracking

  • No more fiddling around with pages, sub-pages, and custom post types

  • Build your Course Curriculum… Visually

  • Easily create and manage access rules

  • Use the sales feature to build subscriptions

Do you want to leverage your expertise? Do you wish to turn your skills and knowledge into a beautiful, easy-to-navigate course for your audience?

Do you like the idea of automating your course for simplified sales and delivery? If so, this package is for you! We’ll build 3 online courses using MemberPress Courses Add-on [we’ll even create your sales pages if you need them] and automate the sales process using WordPress MemberPress Plugin.

The end-to-end customer journey will be streamlined and effortless so you stand out like a pro and your audience gets a great experience.

What’s included in the Courses Builder Package:

  • 3 courses layout templates with MemberPress Courses Plugin.
  • Creation of 3 sales pages for specific courses (if not available already).
  • Includes the API for the membership plugin.
  • Your structured content to be added to courses categories
  • Payment Gateway setup.
  • Course Progress Tracking.
  • Link with an email marketing provider of your choice.
  • One time payment fee: £997
  • All you need is to provide us with the content of the courses and we’ll do the rest. Peace of mind at your fingertips!

12. Several Add-ons:

There are so many that I would probably need to do a new article just to talk about these. I’ll leave you here with a short screenshot so that you can have an idea.

Wordpress MemberPress Plugin Add-ons

13. Affiliate Royale: 

Affiliate Royale is an Add-on of MemberPress which makes it possible to build an Affiliate Program for your services so that others can earn a commission when they promote your business. When you’ve built a client base who is willing to recommend your services this is when this plugin comes into play. In my previous blog article, How To Build a Tribe of Ambassadors for your Business, where I show you exactly how this works.

14. Gamification is the evolution of online learning.

It is a fact that we all learn better and much quicker when we are having fun. This plugin integration GamiPress allows you to involve your Tribe in your content and reward them for their actions. have you seen

15. Are you coming from another membership system? You can use the MemberPress Importer!

Whether you are coming to MemberPress from another membership system, moving your site to a new domain, or are adding a membership portion to your existing site, you may have a need to migrate certain things over. The MemberPress importer is a powerful tool that allows you to import important data into your system. The most common use for the importer is to add users and their subscriptions into MemberPress from a previous membership solution.


Building your own membership system is a radical decision for your business and one that you should look into sooner rather than later. If you want to package your knowledge and expertise then I urge you to look into the group business model. If you want to impact many in 1 GO, this is how you do it. This is my zone of genius, I’ve experimented with several systems and by far this has all the prerequisites of a sustainable platform. If you’re interested in knowing more about this RADICAL SYSTEM, I would love to chat with you or leave a comment below. We have a package just for you

Discover 5 Ways to Optimize Blogging for Maximum impact

Stop creating content on borrowed land and instead have a purposeful plan for all your blog articles. Blogging can position you as the credible Expert that you are but there is a system involved that I want to share with you in this workshop.

The secret key 🔑to blogging is to always do the activities that matter to your business and ask yourself: “What can I do to increase the reach of my website and at the same time build a following of raving fans?”

In the past, I have started and stopped writing blog articles. Nothing seemed to work no matter what I did until I figured out that is only a question of being consistent and creating a habit around it that sets me apart.

Eventually in time and with the persistence of writing my blogs I managed to have and create a system and subsequently a habit that I want to share with you.

How to Strategically Optimize and Share Your Blog Articles For Maximum Impact

In this presentation you will learn:

I’ll take you behind the scenes on how to set up all this so that you can do it yourself. Don’t forget to download your checklist to keep you on track and focused.

1 – Set the Intention and get organized aka Plan it: The hardest part of blogging is setting an intention and staying with it so that it turns into a creative habit and you enjoy doing it.

2 – Creating yearly content based on themes keeps you focused and organized about what you intend to write about. Having a clear plan of what you want to write about and being in tune with what your audience wants is going to shorten your resistance to doing more blogging. When you know exactly the solution that your audience is looking for, it makes it easier and more fun to write about a certain inherent theme.

3 – Optimize for maximum impact: Repurposing your existing content on different platforms is going to increase your visibility and establish you as an expert in your specific field. In order to achieve this, you need to optimize your articles with relevant keywords and write about relevant issues that your ideal audience is looking for.

4 – Monetize your content: Let me say this only once! LOL, It’s your blog website so please go ahead and monetize your articles with links to your paid content. If you use the 80/20 rule, you are not being salesy. In fact, your audience wants you to provide information and teachings but they are also ready to invest in your services. So you see it is absolutely 100% okay to share your paid services through your blogs.

5 – Go beyond your comfort zone: You don’t have to do exactly like other bloggers are doing. It’s okay to be creative, innovative, or just simply use your own words and teachings to start a connection with your readers. When your audience starts enjoying what you write about and your unique way of teaching, the sooner your authority grows.

Click below to get access to the blogging presentation. After opting in you will receive an email with the video presentation and the Blogging Planner for you to download. I also show you a “behind the scenes” of how to set up your blog posts inside a WordPress website of a client.

Blogging Planner and Checklist

You might also want to have a look at another blog post I’ve written if you are just starting out with blogging on your WordPress site – 7 Steps on How to Start Blogging on Your WordPress Site. Step by step instructions on how to do it from scratch.

Let me know in the comments if this blog post was useful and what ideas have you had after watching the presentation. Furthermore, if you want to take your business seriously and start building the foundations, let’s have a meaningful conversation and find out what you want to achieve.

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